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  1. Can we get an even rarer photo of her writing a song?
  2. My fave is so talented she does it outside of music. Ask Demi to belt in public and she would sound bad without warmups. Selena can instantly do it and sound good everytime
  3. Human Nature is madona's best song and video, but was also the worst member on this forum.

  4. MJ is pedo trash. Britney looks like trash. Mariah is eating trash most of the year sans the Christams season. Just because you were a legend a decade ago doesn't mean you're immune from criticism.
  5. When you say stan, do you mean artists you like? Because stanning is more of an unrequited, dying love for someone you don't know. If you really were a stan, one era would not be enough to make you unstan. (Taylor, Katy, Miley) I'm sticking with Selena even though I hate how she's managing SG2 and am mad that she's starring in a woody allen flick, her music just keeps bringing me back.
  6. I'm half African. I'm Gabonese/French and lived there for the first 4 years of my life. That comment is so disgusting. I really hope it stemmed from miseducation, and not from a place of hate. I've made some horrible comments so I'm not one to shame others for doing the same thing. I just hope he learns that we are not all slaves. 

  7. For you, I would cross the line
    I would waste my time
    I would lose my mind
    They say, "She's gone too far this time"

    I used to hate this song, but the pre-chorus is barely holding me on.

    Currently memorizing all the lyrics for the concert.

  8. I'm "in the closet" and everyone knows I stan Taylor. Maybe I'm not hiding it very well, but I couldn't care less
  9. Daily Britney update. Me Against the Music is Britney's best song.

    1. CUZ!CAN


      I just deleted your expired WP's btw... :rip: 

  10. All the eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus
    When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip, just like a circus

    I'm starting to stan Britney (Pre-2009 of course). What is my obsession with blondes who can't sing (Taylor, Madge, Britney)?

    1. Kylie Minogue

      Kylie Minogue

      Taylor Houston  is the best vocalist of all time wdym?


  11. Whale hunters. From that list, Swifties. Sometimes Taylor jokes go too far, but they will snap at the smallest comments and constantly go after celebrities who bad mouth her (even if they aren't).
  12. All of you Witness haters probably listened to it once and just bandwagon on the hate after without forming your own opinion on the album. All Your Fault Pt 2 (sorry bad bitches, rexhars, and true bebe rexha fans) is an example of a worse album.
  13. We can't carry these sins on our back
    Don't wanna carry any more
    We're gonna carry this train off the track
    We're gonna swim to the ocean floor

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    2. bee


      @Kylie Minogue stop being an idiot and call it Self-titled

    3. Kylie Minogue

      Kylie Minogue

      @bee Kylie stans call it KM94 bc she already has a self-titled you uncultured swine :tehe:

    4. P!nk


      You better knowledge him on YOUR fav