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  1. Most underrated songs from your faves?

    MJ: "Little Susie", "Morphine", "Price of Fame", "History" Hirasawa: his discography "Kaji wo Tore", "The Stillborn City", "QUIT", "On Line Malaysia"
  2. New: ZERO Charts for Last.fm

    Artists Albums Tracks Certifications
  3. Your Most Played Albums Ever?

    Yes at Collxtion II.
  4. "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)" and "Run Away With Me".
  5. Your Most Played Albums Ever?

    One of my favorites, also. Do you have a favorite album by him?
  6. Your Most Played Albums Ever?

    Same. Songs like "Bloom" and "Hundred Acre Flurry" are wonderful.
  7. Your Most Played Albums Ever?

    You're a fan of Pogo, too? Oh, yeah, I agree. Blood is, imo, one of the best albums to come out in 2015.
  8. Your Most Played Albums Ever?

    According to last.fm, my most played albums are... Michael Jackson — HIStory (235 plays) Lianne La Havas — Blood (184 plays) Michael Jackson — Dangerous (155 plays) 平沢進 — The Secret of The Flowers of Phenomenon (146 plays) Michael Jackson — Invincible (141 plays) Michael Jackson — Off the Wall (131 plays) Pogo — Kindred Shadow (117 plays) Michael Jackson — Bad (Remastered) (115 plays) 平沢進 — Paranoia Agent OST (112 plays) Michael Jackson — Thriller (111 plays)
  9. J-Pop Discussion Thread

    MIYAVI's album, Samurai Sessions Vol. 2 was actually pretty good.
  10. Random Thoughts

    @ 4:05 to the end is just heaven to my ears.
  11. Damn, After Laughter is actually really good. :icant:

  12. Who have you stanned and unstanned during 2017?

    Me too, the album is truly a great body of work. "Cloudbusting" is truly a fantastic song.
  13. Who have you stanned and unstanned during 2017?

    Taste. -- I only stan for only like, four artists, but I became big fans of Kate Bush, The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, and Elvis Costello this year. As for who I've unstanned: well, none, actually.