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  1. By next week, any dragging at all will be banned on this site because everyone is overly sensitive. Rename the battlegrounds to the flowery fields already.

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    2. HQzaynmalik


      Ariola is a mix of ariana and areola (nipple). Can't use that now! It's body shaming!

    3. demimaniac


      what the fuck

      i mean, i get whormani, beyhiv, any of these obvious slander names but i think we should be able to use those

      cause i dont even know what ariola means and i've used that countlessly and demo and shit

    4. Back To Selena

      Back To Selena

      my notifications are getting loaded can y'all just shut up please

  2. Y'all are so embarrassing and sensitive. People are not going to like your fave. People will have different opinions. That's life. You won this time, but you can't always cry and get your way. Maybe one day you'll learn.
  3. Well since they're no longer allowed in the battlegrounds I don't give a fuck
  4. I was obviously following the rules. Never received a WP until you just got sensitive (as usual)
  5. I don't give a fuck. I didn't sign up for Weenie Hut Jr.
  6. I downvote them back ONCE because I don't tolerate children with fragile emotions who get hurt over insults to their favorite artist.
  7. I couldn't care less. I ignore every Zayn hate thread because I'm not a sensitive 15 year old and I can control my emotions and my actions. Y'all should try it.
  8. And as I told you before, going for a run has medical proof to improve conditions of depression and anxiety.
  9. 95% of them. It's embarrassing that they take insults to their favorite celebrity who doesn't know they exist personally.
  10. I agreed to no mental illnesses, yes. Not just for Selena. But being fat is not an illness. Not being able to use nicknames like Demoo Lofato and Adelephant is ridiculous. If those personally offend you for some reason, get rid of that subconscious in your head and go for a run and go on a diet. Stop glorifying obesity by saying "Stop bodyshaming!" It is unhealthy. Stop getting so butthurt over the SMALLEST THINGS. Get a grip.
  11. Change the tagline of this forum to "Bigger. Better. More Sensitive." Because it sure as hell won't be "messy" anymore with all these rules catering to the babies and complainers.
  12. It's embarrassing. So embarrassing. And they call me childish.