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  1. Happy birthday sis :yas:

    1. Khris


      AW THANK YOU LOVE :beybawl:

  2. Kim Petras released Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1 though
  3. Joanne had Diamond Heart, Perfect Illusion, and Dancin' In Circles I rest my case.
  4. IDK...maybe the fact that You sound like a hypocrite while praising X and hating on Nicki
  5. I have not heard a single person listen to this song.... Like, I haven't even heard it on the radio... Something is so fishy about this
  6. Oh no girl..... Didn't you just say X was a good artist in another thread?
  7. Just a former COP icon who gets on occasionally to provide (much needed) insight
  8. Imagine being able to say anything hateful about this angel People forget that if she wanted to be back on top with her old music, it won't be hard for her to do...
  9. It is when it normalizes a culture of abuse both sexually and emotionally.... But don't cry for help in 10 years when all of these publicly terrible people have created a society that mirrors their horrible personalities. I pray for you and your abusive spouse