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  1. The seemingly bland lyrics are completely juxtaposed by the glistening instrumental in the best way. This album is going to be her best.
  2. In all honesty it's one of her best songs. If you can't see that you've obviously never felt happiness before and can't resonate
  3. But she had to turn to singing when her frog voice high school girl act started to dry up
  4. Falsifying your beliefs and pushing them onto millions of impressionable (dare i say) children, then turning around to promote capitalist hypocrisy? Do you even know how to crack open a dictionary? Stupider is a pass-adj. So now who looks more stupid
  5. IMO he doesn't add anything interesting to any of them They would've been better off solo
  6. A local played this at a party I was at and I was reminded how good it is Taste came through
  7. How many tributes has Ariana Grande done? How many times has she played the super bowl? How many oscars does she have? The bitch only has a few Scammy's and some Nickelodeon awards
  9. Ariana takes notes, you should do the same and learn your place
  10. Are you listening to it with the right speakers? In the right environment?
  11. I mean, she was right. When we hear this in club we're gonna turn it up.
  12. I thought they were both just pedophiles