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  1. They're taking this site down because it wants nothing to do with K-pop /endthread
  2. Atleast I'll have my physical copy of Melodrama thanks to Indie
  3. Anyways I'll be streaming the Kelly Rowland classic
  4. YASSSSS so glad she didn't decide to release that other song with the french fry f*g. Although the Charli & Troye return to the future with 1999 follow up promo would have the locals eating it up
  5. If it wasn't bad enough the 4H flop with the most potential sabotaged her own career by drawing out her debut era, the now unknown r&b singer shares that she will be releasing her ariana grande leftover lead single which is described by critics as song of the summer. DESPITE summer being over
  6. Lana used to be THAT bitch when it came to visuals. Now she's just a lazy stay at home mom with them She's trying to come through this era with big budget and promo, but it's still a MESS
  7. Looks like she's surprising us with a double release. We really don't deserve her https://music.apple.com/nz/album/looking-for-america-single/1475935067
  8. Just another cheesy disgusting ukelele cover singer in my eyes
  9. Keep in mind Lana has stated this album is just full of 'Day in the life' music.. Music she would drive to. Thus why it's one of her best along with Ultraviolence and Honeymoon ! Here is the sampler though https://vidoza.net/embed-yljt2anewq61.html