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  1. Bit rich coming from someone who also was an notorious attention seeker and fame hungry madame Its statements like hers that makes it harder for sexual assaulted victims to come forward with their allegations. She's no feminist, I doubt she even knows what that word means in the first place....
  2. Does Your Fave Have A "Holy Trinity" of albums???

    Born To Die - UV - Lust For Life Paradise is an amazing EP and Honeymoon is...well its something that's for sure
  3. Find Out If President Trump Would Let You Immigrate to America

    You don't qualify to apply Your score: 25 Minimum score: 30
  4. Oral Fixation Vol. 2 and Laundry Service - Shakira I'm in love with LS its just pure brilliance, but I'm finding it hard to get into OFV2 minus the singles.
  5. Teen Vogue: is posting gifs of black people digital blackface?

    Bookmark me Sistern, SJW are gonna ruin the world
  6. What's your favorite style of music?

    Alternative & Pop
  7. Yes or No

    No. I got a C in Maths which basically means I'm okay at it and unless for certain types of jobs, most of the Maths you learn in School is pretty useless imo Can you swim?
  8. What was the #1 Song on the day you were born?

    Omfg its so cheesy/awful and I haven't got a single clue who they are
  9. Favorite Pet

    I love all animals but because I grew up with dogs, so they'll always be my favourite pet. i currently have two at the moment, one is called Marley and the other is called Maddie. There both my babies and I adore them more than certain human beings
  10. Your top 5 TV shows

    This is so hard but my some of my favs atm - Hannibal Rick & Morty True Detective (Season One) The Handmaid's Tale Game Of Thrones (Just got into it thanks to my bf and I'm loving it so far)

    You got: Mr. Vega, the classy teacher dad He’s smart as a whip and fine as hell, but more importantly, he’s really supportive of your daughter. Mr. Vega teaches middle school and high school, loves 18th-century literature, and he has an adorable son named Ernest. If you like cozy nights in with books and quaint hobbies, Hugo Vega is the daddy for you.
  12. Artist Of The Year Nom. (VMAS)

    Thanks Sweetie
  13. Artist Of The Year Nom. (VMAS)

    Ugh I can't vote in country but if I could my vote would go Ari.
  14. Lana Del Rey

    I really can't stand this guy what so ever. Its very obvious he's biased towards anything Lana releases. He called her pretentious & basically not genuine, which bugged the hell out me. Seriously dude its not 2011/12 anymore....
  15. Ed Sheeran collaborations coming!