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  1. A whole bop, but I need NFR ASAP.
  2. I’ve overplayed this since it came out omg. She snapped so hard. Can’t wait for the album
  3. This song.. those strings.. I died.
  4. Just once and it was the last year of secondary school. Some guy wouldn’t stop talking about me from across the room so I threw my bag at him out of rage. Everyone laughed but my french teacher was PISSED. 💀
  5. The one and only rightful queen Daenerys. Can’t wait for Cersei to die
  6. Yes& these protests outside of school are just getting out of hand. This is the type of shit that comes through the post too. Birmingham is such a mess
  7. Very disappointing and I won't be shocked if it doesn't get another season.
  8. That’ll be easy anyway. His music is trash