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  1. :gaycat














    ^^^Need their own emote section


    -bopwalk, nickgag, awkward, ahhellnah, shivered, whatever, no1curr, moo, um1, twerk aren't used- put them up 2 slaughter

    -shook & brad are found in 2 different sections shook: new2017 & drag race - brad: new2017 & randoms

    - New York Emotes ( :nyX ) 1-6 need to be resized, they're hella small

    -Xtina is the closest to a new section at ~6 

     @Nicki Minaj :demilip: 


    1. Nicki Minaj

      Nicki Minaj

      I'll fix the gay cats :demilip:

      We'll put the deaths up for discussion :demilip:

      Will fix :demilip:

      Wouldn't that just make them super LQ? :demilip:

      Noted :demilip:

    2. Salvatore


      I'll find replicas of the NY gifs and resize them to 80x80 and we can just reinstate them no worries