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  1. My entire family is having a big thing of ham with au gratin potatoes, corned beef, and some kind of egg side dish for Easter


    this skinny bitch with taste buds is having grilled chicken w cajun spices, asparagus, and carrots + pine nut hummus w/ water :cm: 

    1. jackgrande


      Skinny legend omfg :tellem2: I just had a huge ass 3 course meal at an Italian restaurant I do NOT feel skinny at all skksksks 

    2. Salvatore


      skinny is a mindset :trisha2: only the SKINNIEST of bitches deserve to have 3 course meals, daringly italian- eat up you absolute KING :tellem2: 

    3. jackgrande


      I’m such basic bitch eating Italian food whilst y’all out here eating pine nuts and asparagus :ny2: but tea, skinny IS a mindset