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  1. i was told to stay silent but idk if that kinda lifestyle works for me like im usually more of a cumcumber water and dairy free whole grain cinnamon muffin kind of gal but idk if i could switch to a gluten-free blueberry muffin and banana with strawberry water kind of lifestyle like idk if that's for me and honestly me acknowledging my difference will help me overcome these challenges in the future and i don't like im gonna apologize for it

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    2. badgallaura


      Remember, death.

    3. Salvatore


      d to the e to the a to the t to the teeth is that i got 23 and me of my genetic ability


      @shmeur honestly sign me up for th lyric righting challenge i just spat out a fucking B A R


    4. shmeur


      lmao that's the next challenge too