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  1. I really want to win a single day :trisha: I hit my peak rep gain at #2 on the site the past week, I have a hit thread with easy potential longevity, I'm 5x Platinum Organically, I recieved Ms. C at COPDR, I won Best New Member 2017/2018


    I need to win a day it's on my COP bucket list, along with winning a COP event/game


    1. Tattooed Heart

      Tattooed Heart

      It's the best new artist member curse:evilpatrick:

    2. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      its weird coz i feel like i never see kipper post yet hes #1... payola? :evilpatrick: (love u sis :tehe:)

    3. Salvatore


      Maybe you should knock him off that #1 spot for the potential payola, not because I could hit #1