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  1. back when the milkshakes were malt & girl groups had success!
  2. #TeamEverybodyHeebieJeebieandHeebieJeebie
  3. such a beautiful garment ,,,kinda wasted
  4. this....is a crawfish then you said lobster dress...girl Cancer is a crab don't do us like this
  5. I'm ready to see twenty capricorns and pisces let's move it laidteas!
  6. Love ya bitch, people do dumb shit but I liked you for your cuntiness, not for the look. Xo S

  7. If you'd like me to make a clip and scene for you, I know some pretty good stills
  8. She's just singing the same thing Victoria had done (a confirmed bisexual) a verse prior. I wouldn't bet too much on it
  9. It could actually be just between you & Almeda for a valid return. You have a HIGH placement, she has nothing
  10. If 7Rings isn't peaking I could see Bad Guy hitting #1 on a debut This album is actually incredibly good, albeit the lyrics are, at times, immature and ~cringy~ everybody is when they're young. However, her brother Finneas fucking bodies & carried her throughout the album, and she on her own did a good job; I hope he blows up from this cause I can EASILY see more people going for darker, bassier, "experimental" style beats rather than the bare bone trap hi-hats we've had for 2 years now because of these two