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  1. Venice Bitch- LDR Reborn- Ye & Cudi Wasted Times- Abel
  2. I think boobie flashes and pro-femininity is a lot more celebrated than it would've been back then, but remember..it's american football. Pro-women ideologies aren't the most tolerated in "man's game". There's also a fair bit of difference than fans on Twitter support and what men (and conservative women who're already racially biased..aka the vocal section of women at the games) would do to her career in terms of sponsorships, business support, etc. Maybe if it were 2012-2014 it'd be different but in the age of Trump many progressive ideas are silenced out- all it'd take is one "So disrespectful- and at America's pasttime too!" tweet for somebody's career to be damaged- especially a black woman's.
  3. Sksks am I a b-rate troll who hasn't been controversial in a hot minute I was en-route to being deeper, I stayed back n let myself chase moderation in place. I think one of my first posts was backing up Indie in a Nicki thread by citing her reuse of lyrics from her 2016-2017 singles to show her lack of artistry sksk, like legit named dropped songs & percentages iirc I should drum up some new arguments and piss some girlies off, lil hard to do so when pop girls aren't the most relevant right now.
  4. I'm hellbent on painting him as a predator? What type of dumbass ratbrained statement & thought is this? I'm one of the few members who loves his music and enjoys his presence- I'm not blind enough to not see this as predatory. Being in your 30s and fucking an 18 year old in itself is weird regardless, let alone having known them for years. Would you think it's fine for somebody who's known a kid since they were 11 to fuck them a month after they turn 18? That's not weird in the slightest to you? People have to be thick skulled and hollow as fuck to not see a man meeting a girl as a minor and seemingly taking her out on a date the minute she's 18 as predatory. Genuinely, if anybody thinks that's a-ok with no second thought they're dumb as fuck and I'd never apologize for saying so.
  5. Things that were seen as risque like the Meat Dress, Britney's Snake, etc. would get ripped apart as it'd be seen as promoting animals as use for entertainment, it wouldn't be tolerated in this day and age. Justin & Janet's Superbowl mishap wouldn't even be a possibility, let alone either of the person's careers surviving. Janet for sexism and Justin for sexual harassment on public TV Artists as big as Whitney and Michael won't happen; music is so accessible and there's SO many pro's and con's to it; anybody can purchase a program, a mic, and a beat pad off amazon and make the exact same shit that's topping the charts right now. Lyricism and anything remotely complex is punished in way for songs meant for maximum streams. It's almost like how YouTube sacrificed unique videos in place of cookie cutter timeframes to get maximum amount of ad revenue. Fade outs, anything >4min, anything interesting with production or any complex melodies will never get playtime on radios. Remember back (little to none of us do) on how older songs that were 5-7min with instrumental solos ruled the radio? That'd never happen today. None of this is to mention how music use to be styled and curated with such vigor- you HAD to have a special quality to make it to radio or execs would slice your ass out of the public eye indefinitely. Being an artist was fucked but rewarding. Social media dilutes the art, leaks ruin the surprises, the instant knowing of info ruins any form of mystery and intrigue an artist would have (Lana is the last artist to have mystery and intrigue- and have it be genuine. If anybody tried it their entire lives would be found within the week of their debut). People use to faint when Michael even came on stage. He'd stand still with his iconic gloves for minutes on end to roaring applause and screams from fans that treat it like seeing god. Doja cat went viral with her bar performance of her swaying her ass paired with lazy vocals to a hundred people with phones in hand only singing a twitter meme of a song.
  6. So you don't think a guy in his thirties swooping a newly 18 year old the minute they turn legal isn't the slightest bit predatory? That's a hot take, a real fuckin dumb one but a hot take nonetheless
  7. MJ was horrid...but I sincerely don't get who "they" are...Drake full on met a girl when she was 16, then months after she turned 18 he rented out an entire RESTAURANT FOR HER. Not to mention telling a fucking preteen he misses them, AS PER THEIR OWN WORDS.
  8. The minute she turns 18 he's fucking absolutely no doubt in my damn mind
  9. Tomorrow at 9am Pacific on Beats1 Radio (it's free) is when Zane Lowe will begin to air, sometime between then and 9:30 we'll get the live premiere + an interview. I know for Mariner's Apartment Complex it actually live on stores some minutes before the radio airing if you're a stickler for that; there's a current snippet up on her Instagram which weirdly isn't linked in the OP.
  10. No matter what he does he'll have 100x the legacy and legend than every single artist in your stan list combined, take your delusions to Battlegrounds girlie
  11. yeezy + Gandhi...his fucking mind. his fucking mind. WHEW
  12. Ain't you the one calling Nicki a roach every other thread ?