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  1. @Homojénik is one of the only bad bitches i respect on the forum, game see game. Tossin a 100 out for the love
  2. @Graceful Dancing @kipperskipper
  3. If you calculate my scores & remove the gross outliers I'm at a comfortable 82, wiggery
  4. I've been busy through the holiday season and as of recent; votes are seen and highly appreciated the way the name alone sparks drama Love y'all
  5. @Medoner gets a 70, she's been recognizable and a staple- sucks I've never talked to em much
  6. All i'm seeing is white men, so if you wanna kill all white men well,
  7. Anyways my iced chai w/ soy was pretty good this morning
  8. Upon further review, I have decided to set aside an additional spot to @Elusive; making him the 2nd and only other relatively smart user on this site
  9. I definitely think pop MUSICIANS will come back; but if you're looking for suggestive danceclub 2009-2015 pop I doubt we'll see that for another few years at best. I feel like a lot of it will be centered around lyrical content and experimental/genre hopping production. Groups like LSD and girls like Charli XCX I genuinely believe are some of the first to take hold of what pop music will veer into during 2019. I can see Demi going much harder into RnB, same with Ariana. Selena will probably stay as experimental as Bad Liar was if she knows what's good for her, Beyonce & Rihanna I feel will have a multitude of sounds like their 2016 records, but stay urban and have a sense of identity away from 'pop' as a whole.
  10. The first two #1 songs in 2019 being solo-pop music made by females? Snap a BIT 20BiTeen