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  1. Shmeur & Treacherous are wobbling Indie is seizing
  2. It counts as a rep mark and the rules say it needs 10 i donโ€™t see the issue
  3. I hope I didn't just catch somebody tagging people in Stand Your Ground You wanted to see some dragging I'll keep going on about the raggedy acid-burnt cunt of top40 tryhard trop-pop music
  4. is she talking about the released '3' songs? so her favorite songs are NTLTC, TLIC, GIAW, and REM? yikes
  5. he was either in riker's last week or was in riker's for a week- but regardless yea he got bailed
  6. sia is the naked mole rat khaki panted heifer of the pop industry she has 0 talent a squeaky dumbass voice rat teeth gross ass face "may i speak to your manager" bitchass headass white woman calling the police on a barbecue and lil black girl selling water faceass dishwasher lookin ass cow her only viral moment was her in an airport on twitter with matronly hips that people wanted to clap but the only way anybody would ever do that is with a bag over the bitches face like that one wackass cardboard video games styled shit music video the girl looks like she was one of those wackass crackhead horse bitches from 3rd grade that ate erasers and sucked the ink sponge out of sharpie's they broke from anger management issues the discography is the most basic sounding shit anybody has produced, she has 0 energy or soul- her voice is not good at all the bitch can't even make a decent christmas album and lil miss skinny piggy ariana made the effort and did decent with it, regardless of the childish ass local name blanche version of crazy eyes stankass girl type of rat to make a song with r. kelly havin a whole music video sexualizing a child with the human version of a dirty timberland boot shia le methhead the wack cunt y'all stan the female embodiment of if Kahki pants could speak, dumbass Costco discounted clothing sounding bitch
  7. bebe rexha is a gross stupid fucking dishwasher