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  1. -Teenage Dream -Toxic -Blank Space -Kiss It Better -Into You -Emotions -Tell It To My Heart -Paparazzi -Cut To The Feeling -Off To The Races -Crazy In Love -Rolling In The Deep -Uptown Funk -Wannabe -Hey Ya! -Beat It In my opinion, the epitome of 'pop' music and could all easily fit on a "best of all time". I'd argue a bit on the older songs given what pop music is to the GP now, plus there's a definite lack of international music and I'll acknowledge my own ignorance with those selections. Some of the choices are forsure interchangeable, Blank Space + Style are S-Tier pop music to me with no flaws but taking into account the legacy between each & the fact I didn't want some artists to have more than one song, BS won. Same goes for Beyonce, Carly, Mariah, Adele, and Gaga.
  2. back when the milkshakes were malt & girl groups had success!
  3. #TeamEverybodyHeebieJeebieandHeebieJeebie
  4. such a beautiful garment ,,,kinda wasted
  5. this....is a crawfish then you said lobster dress...girl Cancer is a crab don't do us like this
  6. I'm ready to see twenty capricorns and pisces let's move it laidteas!
  7. Love ya bitch, people do dumb shit but I liked you for your cuntiness, not for the look. Xo S

  8. If you'd like me to make a clip and scene for you, I know some pretty good stills
  9. She's just singing the same thing Victoria had done (a confirmed bisexual) a verse prior. I wouldn't bet too much on it
  10. It could actually be just between you & Almeda for a valid return. You have a HIGH placement, she has nothing