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  1. https://churchofpop.net/topic/26941-2014-year-in-review-megarate-sign-ups-now-nov-25th/?do=getNewComment https://churchofpop.net/topic/26941-2014-year-in-review-megarate-sign-ups-now-nov-25th/?do=getNewComment https://churchofpop.net/topic/26941-2014-year-in-review-megarate-sign-ups-now-nov-25th/?do=getNewComment Participate in this and I'll help y'all drag whoever xx
  2. If you'd rather not listen to the album & would like to just sabotage it for no good reason, I won't be stoping ya
  3. Also, to those checking the thread for updates & people who've already submitted their scores: CHECK THE NEW ADDITION TO THE GUIDELINES- YOU CAN SUBMIT REASONINGS/QUOTES ALONG WITH INDIVIDUAL SCORES Thank you!
  4. Every album on the list should be on Spotify/Apple Music, if you're keen on listening to the records for fair & honest scoring they might be up on YouTube in full due to their age; none should be too difficult to find & play xx & for those who've signed-up and/or submitted your scores I thank you for being quick! I'll be updating the taglist, so if you get mentioned don't worry too much about it.
  5. The Dollhouse EP, Melanie Martinez Release date: May 2014 Tracks: Dollhouse, Carousel, Dead to Me, Bittersweet Tragedy You may have to look it up on youtube for the last two tracks, some of the "albums" I thought were in 2014 apparently weren't, this list was a bit different after I did some switch ups. I remember I had 2 different Iggy albums cause they applied but didn't think she needed the dbl exposure . we,,, uh- i
  6. Some of the albums/picks might not be the most favored but it's expected; I chose based on personal likings and current relevancy of the artists, things people have a good chance of knowing without needing to refresh their memory.

    participate, fats :vixenfad:

  8. Posting a bit early so International folks get first dibs- USA gays can catch it when they get online x @Oh My Gaga @Barbie @CUZ!CAN @Proceed with Caution May I get a mass tag for my ish
  9. YEAR IN REVIEW Welcome to the 2014: Year in Review Megarate, as a pre-cursor to the Top Tracks of 2018 Megarate (Coming in December)! Commonly hailed as the last great year in pop/female music, 2014 holds some of the best classics of the decade- but which is the best? GUIDELINES: - Submit your scores to @Salvatore via PM by November 25th, aka next Sunday - Rate each album from 0-10, and give a single 11 to your favorite from the bunch - You MUST give each album a score, submitting an 11 is optional but you may only give a max of (ONE) 11. - Results Show will be on November 30th, that following Friday; exact time will be announced once deadline hits EXTRA INFO: - You can give any scores you'd like, if you hate a certain female rapper- sabotage her! If you love said rapper but want mess- sabotage her! - Even though this is a BIG list of records you don't have to re-listen; rate on a personal scale of interest, influence, and impact if you need help - Have fun! This is a year end event, celebrate and make sure you're living while pop music is dying - You're allowed to include side comments & little notes/reasons as to why you chose your score if you'd like! Make it more personal xo TRACK LIST // PM TEMPLATE TAG LIST
  10. Hey bitch you up

    1. Elusive Loverboy
    2. Salvatore


      I'm tryna find somebody good with graphics or somebody that knows a site where I can make them, streaming Caution by THE Mariah Carey on her day of blessings is a given girl


      you bein a jehovah's witness to a house of prayer :rihwink:

    3. Barbie


      Are you willing to pay because i might know a white twink that can design something for you but also what kind of graphics cuz maybe i could try :wendysass:

  11. Got the notification you posted on my profile, wasn't able to read it- hope all is well with you x

    1. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      oop I just said "Omg you're back?" but then I figured it was counter productive to post you're back after already responding to Indie's status :icant:

      Everything is great here. I'm feelin' good. You?

    2. Salvatore


      Nice to hear you're feeling good! Hope it's long lasting & a natural happy, seasonal shifts can warp some people's moods, everything's goin alright on my end. Happy to be back x

    3. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      I can relate. I usually get really depressed around this time of year. Like, I suffer from depression and anxiety in general, but am typically able to keep it under control until Winter comes around and seasonal mood swings kick my ass :laughcry:

      I hope to see the site posts gain a lot more now that you're back!