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  1. you would know about calling people 'getto'
  2. Kelly Clarkson performed it last night at the ACM awards with Dan & Shay and it's their new single. Everyone loved it! It's at #15 on Itunes rn! https://kworb.net/pop/ Studio version
  3. Jared is so hot and talented. He's my personal Jesus. And he's ageless.
  4. Omg i forgot about him. Im not a fan of his tone tho. Its like too smoky.
  5. 1. The Weeknd: prettier tone, more ease, can make songs memorable 2. Shawn: I love In My Blood. His voice is great for story telling. He sometimes strains too much but I like it a la Kelly Clarkson (earlier in her career) 3. Bieber: Prettt tone, sounds whiny sometimes. But something annoys me about his voice, it's like I hear his vanity on some songs like Despacito. 4. Zayn: Ease on high notes but I feel like he doesn't really show his personality. His lack of enunciation bothers me too sometimes. I never feel like he's telling a story. 5. Khalid: Small range, kinda boring. I love Love Lies but I feel like The Weeknd could have sung it so much better.
  6. You certainly care lot for a supposedly off mic.
  7. Happy April Fool's Day COP
  8. And? Its not even phrased. Thats hardly singing
  9. Youre defending Whitneys 0.3 second okay moment and call me delusional beyond belief for defending Mariah...
  10. Head note lmao. Mariah has kept a similar tone to Butterfly and Rainbow era. Of course her voice matured but her tone is still easily recognizable.
  11. One decent performance resuscitates Whitneys tone? U could say still had soul but her tone was very froggy and rough. She sounded like a completely different person lbr. Mariah has lost some power and upper belts agility but her tone is still intact.