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  1. I can't at you calling him a dupe with no proof when you were so OUTRAGED when I called you one last year
  2. sksksksk if anybody, im sure it was a sexual thing for Miss Sara but seriously @Mocha I see u wanna stay neutral but Craig mentioned me first here...
  3. Exactly, he claims we say it to 'fetishize' him, you know damn well we've never said anything sexual about him lmfao the mental gymnastiscs to prove ppl he is sexually desirable lmao
  4. lmao all those people are your so-called "friends". Come on tell @rihce @Treacherous Swiftie @kipperskipper @Elusive Loverboy @Ahmed they need a job... They found those emotes very funny and requested them as they were dragging you...
  5. You're not only fugly with a more crooked face than Gaga's, , but you also can't read for shit. Rihce was talking about "this place (COP) being shut down the quicker and your post quoted him
  6. Stfu you ugly crooked face bitch lmfao. I haven't posted here in months yet your profile shows you've been obsessed with this place. KorQ and I were not the only ones to agree that YOU are toxic.
  7. And? There's a lot of things we don't like about you. We call you "miss" cuz u act like a total diva and always think you're the only person whose opinion is important. Inviting lies about Ahmed telling you sexual stuff KorQ "told him he wants to do to you" is MUCH worse yet u play the stupid victim here. All these ppl called you "miss craig" and you claim everyone loves you lol Even Miss Sara
  8. Lmfao even your friend @rihce whom you just gave a shout out to called you "miss craig" in his OWN server 'the GIRLIES' which you are part of. Search it yourself w the search bar, its not a lie lmfao. Poor Rihce, Craig thinks you're sexually fantasizing about him.
  9. The backtrack lmao You said this in the thread. And I would never sexually fantasize about you, I don't even think you're attractive, like at all... How am Is stalking you when you're the one who mentioned me here lmfao
  10. You're not a young child lmfao YOU were stalking COP when you claimed u were done with it in June lol Ran in Ahmed's sexual harassment bs thread and lied that Ahmed told you KorQ "told AHmed the sexual stuff he wanted to do to you". Ahmed exposed your lies on discord
  11. don't forget he made fun of Whitney Houston's death and dragged Barbra Streisand on fotp and called fotp members so "childish" because they disagreed with him.
  12. those were not lies lmao see you call it lies when I've provided links for all those ss I posted lmao. They're still dragging you in the fotp discord server sksksksk
  13. fotp has only become toxic to YOU because you put the blame on everyone else for your actions and members could see that...
  14. you would know about calling people 'getto'