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  1. Tea omg. Performance of the decade tbh. Meryl can't.
  2. Hi legend omfg. Did u change your name or st bc I don't remember you no shade.
  3. Me and @Flopzen are the 2 black girls and @popdaily is the white woman.
  4. i miss @bee @Homojénik @The Velvet Rope @Jenna </3
  5. I know my appearances have been pretty sporadic ever since I joined COP but it's been a good ride. 

    Before I go, I leave you with one final message. :love:






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    2. Knowles 💎

      Knowles 💎

      Omg yassss bitch!! :wendy11:

    3. Tattooed Heart

      Tattooed Heart

      don't tell me you're actually leaving :laughcry:

    4. Kylie Minogue
  6. Ofc I had to return for this iconic game!
  7. Kylie Minogue

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    Joanne died for a reason chile...
  8. just a lil' reminder BEYONCE CANNOT READ
  9. Hi gays!


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    2. Kylie Minogue
    3. GiveUpLocalMix


      Jack Grande trying to have another fight with me, le sigh, whats new

    4. Kylie Minogue
  10. tenor.gif?itemid=5774678

    1. Knowles 💎

      Knowles 💎

      hi sis, hru, are you okay?

    2. Treacherous Lovatic

      Treacherous Lovatic

      Hiii! It's been a long time.

  11. Mariah can still sing. Maybe not as good as the 90s but she can still sing. She can also enunciate properly, something your fav cannot do