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  1. there must be an issue i just went on checking Demi Lovato's iTunes page and TMYLM isn't shown on both albums and deluxe albums.. this must've been hacked or sth
  2. it was sent to Aus radios early due to her tour stops there (the album is smashing there - still top ten!) and thus is charting both on Australian airplay and iTunes charts. Otherwise, I think they're still having Whatever You Want as the current single but Secrets should impact soon. It's sad but true that Whatever You Want never took off
  3. The fourth single from her album "Beautiful Trauma" following "What About Us", "Beautiful Trauma", "Whatever You Want".
  4. please don't come up with rumours in this serious situation, we don't actually know if the overdose came from heroine as there's sources claiming different things
  5. https://people.com/music/demi-lovato-heroin-overdose-hospitalized/ A source tells PEOPLE she is currently “okay and stable.”
  6. we have to be really careful making up any rumours, but these posts just make it seem worse
  7. Addiction is NOT a choice. Mental illness has to be taken serious. This is nothing to joke about.

  8. there is no SOURCE to possibly claim that. Mental illness leads to irrational choices.
  9. this is not an incident to make fun of.. it was confirmed through official sources + Demi is not the kind of person to ever do something like that.
  10. Also there is no need for coming at celebrities for wishing Demi their best - there's nothing wrong with that and they're literally doing what everyone else is doing on this forum too