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  1. hey everyone. when you're messaging @CAL Business regarding anything, tag me here first so I can log in to that account. (you can also contact me through discord for instant replies) starting now, the first releases on Fridays will be given the honor of being the cover of New Music Friday.. Friday Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=22&iso=20190125T00&year=2019&month=1&day=25&hour=0&min=0&sec=0&msg=FRIDAY COUNTDOWN&csz=1
  2. THE FIRST CHARTS WEBSITE UPDATE IS ONLINE! (We're very sorry for the delay but it's finally here you guys!) We're proud to bring you, the very first charts of the season! Congratulations to Billie Eilish for her first #1 song! Burn is currently the number one song in the World and the US and Canadian markets. It's followed by Camila Cabello's Like That at #2 but #1 at Australia, the UK, Argentina, and Brazil. It's also the most streamed song of all time with 14.5M streams on its first week. Selena Gomez is at #3 with Fine Line. Cro's infinity and beyond is at #1 in all European Markets and sits at #4 Worldwide. Alison Harvard's Motion follows at #5 and Denis Stoff's I'm Sorry is at #6 with just three days at the tracking week. The promised feature of your Weekly Earnings is also now online! You can click on your artist's name and see the Weekly Earnings. Send this to @Elusive Loverboy so he can update your balance. Here's a small tour on the website. The "three dots" or options icon brings you to the release post in this thread. The Vox icon in each single's page brings you the single's page in Vox. The Vox icon in your artist's page brings you to that artist's Vox page. There are also charts icon in Vox that will bring you to the corresponding charts page. Vox is also updated with new playlists from Vox and Kylie Jenner! All releases are now in Vox. To gain a slot in Kylie's playlist, let us know via @CAL Business. Both websites will be updated again next week, January 28. If you encounter any issues, let me know so I can address them. That's it everyone! Congratulations to all first week releases. We can't wait for next week's releases with big time releases from more artists! Remember to please clear your browser cache first before accessing both websites. http://charts.copcal.ml/index.php | http://voxcop.6te.net
  3. Sorry. I haven't checked on the sheets yet. Will do now
  4. The bookings are automatically charged by the hosts. We will alert you once your balance hits 250K and when it goes to negative, we remove some bookings. Earnings can be seen in the earnings page in the updated Charts website.
  5. HEY EVERYONE! IT'S FRIDAY!! We're now evaluating the sales of each releases for our first week. Charts will be posted before the weekend ends.
  6. STREAMING POSTS STRONGER AND LARGER USER BASE Streaming platform, Vox, which was launched last July 2018 has reported a growing and ever so strong user base. As of today, January 15, 2019, the streaming website has reported 36 million premium users, up 72% from October 2018 where they posted a total of 10M users. Streaming is a pretty new platform for music releases as compared to the traditional CD and digital. While streaming is growing its user base, both CD and Digital have been struggling in the market posting a steep -45% decline from this time last year. But the good news is that the number of people enjoying music has grown a significant 125% from last year. This boost could be credited to the launch of Vox. The public is changing its preferred platform and it's changing fast. CD and Digital sales are on continuous decline since 2010 and with a decline of -45%, the platforms are doomed. Charts platforms are moving forward as well, including streaming more in counting sales. Currently, labels are earning $1 for every 1,000 streams. (Every now and then, I'll post articles like this to make our game more dynamic and test your strategy making skills. Let me know if you're a fan of this or not. )
  7. Sure. Okay, you can keep them or just replace them with any of the artists in-game. I'm gonna allow both options
  8. You can't do collabs with unsigned artists, sorry. Which part's confusing for you? I'll be happy to guide you. Join then. I swear its tons of fun Nnnn sorry i forgot. I'll send them later. Sorry bout that
  9. THE FIRST VOX UPDATE IS HERE!! Vox and CAL Charts are now updated. Vox now has all the releases in the game so far. (And everything sounds amazing so far ) However, there are still no playlists. The first playlist, "New Music Friday" will be released on the next update to accommodate all new releases in Friday. Remember that you all can make your own playlists by submitting to me all the required info (like Playlist Name, Playlist Cover, Tracks etc). Send @CAL Business a message to make your own. For CAL Charts, I dropped the Kworb Singles and Albums chart. I won't have time to update them anymore so I chose to drop them. (Sorry!) Both websites are still pretty rough on the edges (except Vox, a lot of things there are rounded lmao i made a joke). So if you encounter any issues, let me know so I can address them via a fix. That's all. All releases sound great. Good luck to everyone competing for the Week 1 charts! Next Update is on January 19th or 20th including the first set of charts and playlists for Vox.
  10. ugh sorry. To All Players : I keep on repeating myself on this, and I'm gonna say it again once more (it's also at the OP), you don't have to license your artist's discography. That's automatically yours.
  11. We're sorry but full discographies cannot be licensed.
  12. Just a reminder for everyone to please include the region to your articles. See OP for the full format.
  13. Instrumentals are fine. If it doesn't have instrumentals, the song will be replaced with the default generic instrumental.
  14. You can talk like it's her fourth album but early on, players and hosts have decided to start all artists' career from scratch. It'll actually do good more since all artists, no matter how big or small they are in real life, are now starting on the same level. You can still talk like it's her fourth but none of her past albums will affect the sales.
  15. Sure! I'll change it in the OP in the main thread right away