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  1. Invasion of Privacy was released in April and high key that shit still slaps in almost December 

    Some girls that released in August can’t relate. 

    Chance the rapper still trash but we been knew. 

    Cooking orange goose and collard greens in the kitchen, popped that champagne and got the bacon wrapped asparagus ready to cook and the stuffed mushrooms ready for the oven. 

    Thanksgiving tomorrow my my family 


  2. It’s called a tan people use to question my enthicity all the time because my skin was so dark. Simple answer is No. As far as her accent and vernacular go, it could have adapted from the people she surrounds herself with, adopting speech patterns and words or phrases. It’s a very common thing. And she looks better now than she did, so I can see why she would rather look like current Ariana instead of 2011 Ariana
  3. Agreed, Lorde really has something to say with her music and I enjoy that a lot! I think Halsey writes good music and her productions are always very nice
  4. I do like Lorde a lot. Halsey also Those other girls are... they won’t have careers in 2 years.
  5. No it’s new to me, finishe eachoters sentences, but never sandwiches. It’s cute tho! Also, I agree, I’m foaming for some new pop girls but whats out now ain’t it. Ariana was the last decent pop girl to come out and she ain’t really slaying
  6. This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve seen on COP so far Also, I saw your stan list. No Gaga? No Beyonce? No rihanna no Taylor no arianna no Katy? No MPG? Sis I am confusion
  7. Where were these 17 billion people when the album dropped and the tour was happening? YouTube bot views are not an achievement
  8. Ain’t you the same bitch that called me ugly dont get mad when the clownery comes back
  9. Someone adopt this poor kid so he can have a family during the holiday season because those videos aren’t it
  10. This disgrace to ACTUAL Cubans Understandable, most liddos are fatherless losers who praise everything she touched because they didn’t have family or friends to guide them through life so they clung to that poor girl and caused her to ruin her career just so they could feel like a part of something. Disgusting. The Cure was definitely stan worthy (but maybe only because everything post TFM was so awful, that anything like TC was considered a god send) each album has a few (and only a few) gems, but as a whole, no, she hasn’t been stanworthy since 2010 but ASIB changed that completely
  11. You had me until you declared guttermila a 2018 winner Tbh I’m shocked you’ve praised GodGa in two separate posts. I thought you were a DIE HARD hater. Ive lit the candles and prepared the lube for the strides your making today. OT: gaga is a goddess and nicki will be sodomized in hell for her actions on earth