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  1. I was with someone I truly loved for 5 years and I was cheated on more times than I can count even tho i had to beg for sex and only got it a couple times every other month Love doesn’t exist in this haus anymore
  2. People are already talking about my potential ban on ATRL :trisha:

    homophobia really won huh? 

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      Called Kelly a whale. 

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      King or Queen

      LOL, in what section !?

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      I think in the celebrity section. 

  3. They hate her because she’s comes off as very basic, shallow, money hungry, stubborn and difficult, but somehow still outsells their faves in every aspect
  4. Ugh more common sense than most liddos. If LG6 is yet another fuck off of an album I’m done with the bitch
  5. I’m 30 and can relate to the themes and songs from her last couple albums. Taylor’s excellent at writing really relatable songs that SOUND good (something Gaga struggles at!). Katy is a gym music kinda girl. I choked on “stage presence of a potato”
  6. I used Katy’s songs during her prime (and still use some now) but I’ve always been too old to relate to her...visuals and overall style, and I can only imagine the kids who did relate and like her style grew up and now use girls like Ariana and other sultrier, more grown female acts. Katy didn’t evolve her sound, look, or personality (in a positive direction at least) and she suffered greatly from it. People joke about Gaga being a cute throw back, but it could end up being Katy who is only good for a throw back, because I don’t see her recovering (at least not to the top tier like she was). Gaga has surrounded herself with yes men and believes her own hype, which is CLEAR with the way she’s acted since BTW. She’s no longer hungry for it because she’s already gotten as high as any of the girls could ever get (stan wars aside, Gaga reached a peak no other girl has in her time ((not including sales))). Everything is in line for her to smash with the next era, she just has to play it 100% straight and by the book with no missteps. For as talented as that bitch is, she teeters to closely to the edge and one wrong move and boop, ASIB was a fluke and she’s exactly where she was post artpop (even though I believe she actually has a solid fan base so even her “flopping” would still look ok to decent numbers wise). I actually got into some of Sophie’s music to get myself used to the idea and honestly there’s a handful of songs that would completely SLAY if given the right polish and lyrics and vocals. But I’m not sure if it’ll be as good as Taylor, because I know Rep gets shit on but fuck that was a good pop album with some absolute TUNES on it.
  7. Perfect Robbery is the BEST song on that back alley Kmart abortion of an album, and I actually still use it. I will not be mad if the lead sounds like it
  8. Absolutely not Someone already allowed that little Casey muskrat to weasel her way into relevancy, and I’m TIRED of the country/real music/back to my roots vibes this fools have been serving for the past few years.
  9. AgRihed The back half of Reputation gave me hope Taylor would mature her sound (an anti Katy tea) but this just shot her back to preschool and I can smell the pissy diaper from here
  10. Yea I see it being front loaded. I’ve got hopes for the second single because that bitch SERVES a second single. Katy is done As a liddo I’m PRAYING fad doesn’t fuck herself with her lead but knowing that stupid bitch I know she will, hopefully the hype from ASIB is enough to push a cute top 10. Its really up to Taylor to snatch the reigns from Ariana who clearly is WORTHLESS to conduct the Pop train
  11. I don’t see this getting the longevity to ruin an entire year. Maybe a cute month or two but this is too pop and juvenile to sustain anything substantial
  12. ME! is kinda awful huh? Smh this is what I get for being 30 and keeping an eye on Taylor Swift. LWYMMD>>>>>>SIO=>M!
  13. I can’t see the same demo that listens to Ari/Cardi/Billie enjoying/listening to something like this... I don’t personally care for it but I’m here for any of the pop girls to succeed with whatever they put out
  14. Maybe the second single will be better....cuz Taylor sweetie this ain’t the one