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  1. Everyone else can go home now because this is as accurate as it's gonna get
  2. It's what the nicest member deserves
  3. OHMYGOD dont hype me like this but keep hyping me
  4. Ok im not saying I hate it but I'm trying to process it. Before I got the idea of Gaga doing 90s influenced RnB stuck in my head I wanted her to do 90s euro house music which this kind of is i understand gaga has a huge hand in production so I'd be interested in hearing her take on this kind of sound, but right now this is giving me strong early 2010s vibes also, would her vocals now flow well with this sound? but at the end of the day (even tho I don't care for either album) BTW/APGa >>>>> joannega any day
  5. What do his productions sound like??
  6. How does one compile so many incorrect statements at once
  7. Not sure if this is already a thread but list some shit most people like/love/stan and you just...don't oreos in any form are inferior to soft or chewy cookies in any form Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendez are 6's at best SUVs are better than cars in any make model or year Fall is the best season but PSLs are over hyped Demi and Selena have no buisness being pop stars Sausage pizza is better than pepperoni pizza Kale is awful Contouring is tired
  8. Honestly tho! Or cookie dough or red velvet The Gaga Beyonce Rihanna holy trinity of cookies
  9. This is stand your ground stop all this bafoonery OT: gaga is a fad and Cardi ended nicki
  10. We love a beautiful talented successful female rapper