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  1. Britney and these god damn perfumes If she put half the effort in her music career..
  2. Same I was a little cunt when I was 15-24 and then maturity finally settled in and I became a nicer person.
  3. You must have heard her entire discography because indeed, it’s trash
  4. Xtinct should watch this and learn how to belt properly so maybe her next effort spends more than 3 weeks in the BB200 OT: Mariah Angelou continues winning
  5. It’s got a cult following like Bloody Mary/Schiessa/Dancing In Circles () but it goes largely unnoticed and therefore under appreciated
  6. As a die hard liddo (who understands Joanne is a trash heap of an album) it’s fucking me up that I kinda think Teenage Dream as a whole is better than any Lady Gaga album 


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    2. Pmkkardashian



      And 1 album you’re leaving out resulted in the creation of this universe where homos were invented and messes happened freely. 

      Never forget 



    3. Pmkkardashian
    4. TattoosOnMyMind


      Points were made.

  7. THIS is the most underrated Katy perry bop. Ugh TD as an album, her mind
  8. Tea on Dancing In Circles because it would sound awful no matter when it was released
  9. Yes I believe in karma and got ahold of this ass a couple years ago and she won’t leave me the fuck alone