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  1. Miss u bitch Xx

  2. Come back, sis.  :lipstick:

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      Haide inapoi, Laura.

      Te asteptam cu bratele deschise, jur!


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      Elusive X




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      nah the racist bitch can go to wop

  3. omg you're back?

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      She follows @Eris, a member that joined 2 weeks ago 

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  4. What happened to sis @badgallaura? I miss her. :$


    PM me if you're online, like, I know you log in as offline and just lurk around. :greenface:


  5. We forgive you sis! Come back. :somepoints:

  6. I see you lurking :gaycat3:

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      Oh My Gaga

      She follows @Eris, a member that joined on Thursday :gaycat9:

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      inch resting  :cracker:

  7. Last visited: may 23, I'm shooketh.


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      Ms. Knee

      :gaycat13: YOU MADE ME THINK SHE LOGGED IN OR SOMETHING :gaycat19:

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      lol no i just wanted a kii :gaycat5:

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      Omg same(it made me think did she login?). She should give update tho on how's she's doing right?

      Were nicer forum than these other ones 

  9. Oh mess I forgot I was gonna have a listening party but never planned. Oh well next week.
  10. Remember to PM me if ur unsure and I will show u all the tea ignore those ATRLers :beautyisatalent:

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      The North Korean spies are really trying it.:slay2:

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      I've PMed you sis but you haven't replied :cm:

  11. Hey, everyone wants tea? Feel free to PM me, I already explained everything to the staff team and everyone is laughing at this kii. So you saw some blurred photos and pictures out of context and assume it's tea? Well, I obviously won't have this open it'll be hella full of mess. You saw your name there and want explanation but beysus is telling you "don't trust her she will lie i got receipts"? Well it's your own choice who you want to believe but I got the ACTUAL tea and going to show you ACTUAL screenshots and even make them GIFs if u want me to. Anyways, DM or PM me I'm right here, it's all an open book and I'll show you allll that I got @VIP @VIP Verified
  12. Honestly why do we even argue @Dangerous Woman I tried being nice to you many times and even sent you PMs and wanted to greet you on your birthday but it still feels like the chemistry just isn't there. Something about our personalities definitely could be an issue but at least BTS is bringing the best in us and that makes me enjoy discussions with you.
  13. Lol ever since u joined ur making these threads comparing two artists. Living for that.
  14. She may have took inspiration from them but they did not influence her entire album nor them debuting before her made the shift in pop music that we know today. She was inspired by these songs? Sure, why not. Nothing wrong with that. Artists do that all the time. They're the reason Blackout revolutionized the industry? NO.
  15. She couldn't "steal" a sound that's not a concept. And even then, two songs that were electronic can't realistically translate to a whole-ass album based on two songs. No matter if Justin or 928298392 people did electronic pop before, they didn't have Blackout's influence or impact nor revolutionized it the way Britney did. I never said she created electro-pop out of her ass, I'm speaking of its impact and YES the articles -do- support my statement in that.