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  1. I can't believe the moment I'm back I see a battlegrounds thread of "Is Rihanna forgettable" as if ya'll knew I'm regaining my activity at this exact moment, kek.

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    2. Sempiternal


      Welcome back legend

    3. kipperskipper


      you left? no one noticed. forgettable, just like ur fave!!


      jk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course we noticed! Welcome back Queen of Cop :lanawink:


    4. badgallaura


      <3 Thanks lovelies (OMG MY REQUEST IS ACCEPTED AS THE BASE HEART EMOTICON WHEN YOU TYPE < 3 [without space])

      My laptop charger is rekt, so I'm now using my mom's laptop. I'm mad because it doesnt have photoshop and i was so close to finish my rih receipts :(((