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  1. I can't believe the moment I'm back I see a battlegrounds thread of "Is Rihanna forgettable" as if ya'll knew I'm regaining my activity at this exact moment, kek.

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    2. Drag Me Out

      Drag Me Out

      Welcome back legend

    3. kipperskipper


      you left? no one noticed. forgettable, just like ur fave!!


      jk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course we noticed! Welcome back Queen of Cop :lanawink:


    4. badgallaura


      <3 Thanks lovelies (OMG MY REQUEST IS ACCEPTED AS THE BASE HEART EMOTICON WHEN YOU TYPE < 3 [without space])

      My laptop charger is rekt, so I'm now using my mom's laptop. I'm mad because it doesnt have photoshop and i was so close to finish my rih receipts :(((