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  1. @P!nk Most importantly he must be a kind person. I like kindness :madgebye:. Loyalty is a trait that everyone must have so I'm not mentioning it.

    He must be open-minded and a gentleman. He doesn't have to act gentle to me or around me all the damn time, but I like to be treated as a lady by a man who knows how to make me feel special with his polite attitude and respectful approach :madgebye:.

    Always a turn off if he lies. Lying means he betrayed my trust with me, and that's the most absolute thing I hate. 

    He should know better than to exaggerate things. Imagine living with someone who's constantly paranoid and doesn't know what to do with himself. :madgebye:

    Always a plus if he's a helpful person and would want to feel like he can solve a problem for me.

    Also he must care for his hygiene. D A I L Y.

    Loving his family is always another plus. In fact, it's important to me.

    :madgebye: I'm not picky, I just have standards.

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      Well loyalty and respect and honesty and mutual understanding of each others' needs should be always found in a relationship. So I'm mentioning the personal preferences.

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