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  1. It took me fifteen minutes to login and go to myprofile (i just had to have a huge image for my header). im still lounging at my grandma but for eight days now, no net.

    Im using data to access COP on phone but it is super super slow i cant use the forum properly. only reason my friend spoke in my place in the awards is bc i have free international calls for a while.

    Idk when will the net be back tbh. i miss yall and cant wait to open the rp. it is legit ready it just needs my attention.


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    2. Maren Swift

      Maren Swift

      We missed you!!! I'm so glad you weren't gone forever.:selena:

      Also congRATulations on your COP awards. You swept them up like Taylor at the Grammys. :tayincourt:

    3. badgallaura


      OMgg yall as soon as i have proper interne i will be back for my next era. the cop awards were my good girl gone bad era or 21 (both very similar in success). next will be my teenage dream era or maybe the fame monster

    4. Kylie Minogue

      Kylie Minogue

      Teenage Dream era was better btw!