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  1. You and me will never ever be the same~

  2. Did Halsey do that with Closer?

    Eh, I grew tired of Halsey because of the loathing I have towards Closer, but I'm impartial to ha. Good for ha I guess.
  3. Did Halsey do that with Closer?

    I genuinely enjoyed this song, but the fact the Ratsmokers were acting high and mighty, dissing and shading other artists while they barely even started made me quickly grow tired of this song and Halsey.
  4. Kiii reading what i missed in the past 2-3 hours and im living

  5. Net Neutrality Repeal explained.

    Yeah, like, it feels most people are looking at an amateur banner thinking it's true that your ISP provider will make you charge extra money for certain websites. Honestly we all use high-end social media and they already afford the highest speed possible, so it isn't that much worse.
  6. Fuckertime Sadness.

  7. Bigger Turn Off?

  8. and another one.mp3 :kelly:

  9. Oop i didnt post a status update in a long ass time, so here. blessing ur webpage

  10. COP Survivor Season 2: Coron

    This challenge I can't. They deserve double immunity
  11. COP Survivor Season 2: Coron

    OK @Dangerous Woman this isn't time or a place for us to argue, so feel free to PM me or msg me or in a status update or downvote me 10 times even. sorry for derailing this. Just not in here.