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  1. I'm so sleepy, I didn't slept well last night so I'll try sleeping a little bit now. 

  2. Probably heard his parents talking about it and he's repeating the same things he hears
  3. Bjork's and Lana's music Also Mowgli's Road by Marina and the Diamonds
  4. This is really creepy, what would I do with a bottle of tears?
  5. Lmao I don't know if it's the same in the US but here in Puerto Rico it's pretty good.
  6. I want everybody to focus on the music and just try to have fun here and be able to relax and just stop taking internet so seriously. All this huge drama is unnecessary. In addition to everything said above, 1) I would like to see people posting more or making threads more, like let's be all active as much as we can (I will try as much as I can to contribute). 2) Let's all try to commit to creating conversations and getting involved in conversations already established around the forum. 3) Let's make people feel welcomed here, everybody no matter if they're new or old. Upvoting and quoting people (and not just your friends) around always help making them feel wanted here and like their opinions matter. 4) Let's bond here and not in some discord chat outside of COP, let's do it here in the forum. Oh and more events ofc!
  7. I'm liking this side of you, congrats for being promoted
  8. I'm happy COP is back, please don't let this forum be closed anymore. Some ex-mods will be missed for sure but I'm excited to see the new ones, good luck everybody. 

  9. This whole drama is tiring af tbh. It's embarrassing seeing all the same people arguing and arguing through pages. Like seriously, why can't we all just focus on talking about our faves and nothing more?
  10. Well, shit, I enjoyed this forum for the short time I was here.