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  1. Im fraking out, i remember that old rumour about a spanish version of GYHAB and it never got released
  2. well, i still have faith, Valentine's day is coming and Radio can't be that asshole to not play a love song like this.
  3. So... Pop Radio: 27. (=) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me - Spins: 2426 (+19) - Audience: 8.315 (-0.015) Spotify US: 37. ( + 1) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me: 545 324 streams ( + 5 378 streams) Spotify WW: 70. ( - 4) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me: 1 038 407 streams ( - 5 565 streams) Spotify weekly charts: Spotify US: 38. ( + 4) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me: 3 688 248 streams ( + 593 601 streams) Spotify WW: 70. ( + 8) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me: 7 115 801 streams ( + 827 505 streams) Gosh, i want this song to smash so bad!
  4. *Interview with Magazine* Pop star Melanie Martinez is ready to star her new era, her new single "Where Do Babies Come From" is set to be release on Oct. 16. This will be the first tase of her upcoming second album which is described by her as "the story from other characters that live on cry baby's town... her point of view".Martinez has also an Good Morning America Performance booked for the song's release day. we also asked about when should we expect the music video and she answared "is coming sooner than you think!" here's a preview for her new single, preorder it from iTunes!
  5. *Interview with Magazine* We Sat down with super popstar Melanie Martinez to talk about her new untitled-yet second album Q: What is this next album about? Melanie: Um.. with this album i wanted to tell the story from other characters that live on cry baby's town through her eyes, her point of view. Q: will you will keep the aesthetic from your last album? Melanie: Yes, but i want to go more darker with the visuals Q: So, have you picked up your first single yet? Melanie; YES! and its coming very VERY SOON, but i cant tell much *laughs* Q: but, maybe the title? Melanie: You'll have to wait and see! Ms MArtinez also did a photoshoot here in the Billboard Studio
  6. I'd like to play with Melanie MArtinez please, if it's not taken yet
  7. Hi everyone i was currenly listening to demi's new album and then Smoke & Mirrors came up and here i am. LOL Demi said that the main reason that S&M is not on the standar version of the album is that she wanted it to be a duet and didnt have a person yet to do it, and the Grammy's dead line was close So, i started thinking about who be the possible person for a demi duet? (a ballad like this) and i remembered that sam smith is pretty much a lovatic so it's not crazy thinking about a collab AAAND then we got Sam's new album that is coming out soon, so he's probably too bussy what if demi wanted it to be a duet with sam smith but he was too bussy finishing his album and, she really couldnt wait because of the Grammy's dead line? with that being said Demi has said that she has new songs/music coming out soon that didnt make the album what if she release Smoke and Mirrors (with Sam Smith) as the single of the Re-Release of TMYLM? SO that was it, pretty much a fan theory what you guys think about it?
  8. and wth with the guys from HDD? a prediction with half a day of data?
  9. Is Shania even a thing at this point? we are in the streaming era, even if she sells more pure SPS will kill her. i bet #1 Demi - Tell Me You Love Me #2 Miley - Younger Now #3 Shania - NOW
  10. Maybe she's releasing a promo single tomorrow, and that's why she was so exited, that video reminded me of the Stone cold (Live In Studio) video