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  1. Happy Birthday! :hug:

  2. MSL

    Hiii iconic Shania stan!

  3. GLOBAL SUPERSTAR CHER TO RELEASE TWO ALBUMS THIS YEAR Change The Records have announced the return of global superstar singer and actress, Cher. Hot off the heels of her widely anticipated return to the silver screen in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Cher will be releasing two records before the year is out. The first, expected late next month, will be entirely made up of ABBA covers including it's lead single, 'S.O.S.' which will be released this week. The second is an original album, a mix of pop, rock and dance - genres that Cher has not only recorded but defined. Cher said: "I'm really excited to be getting these albums out. I'm not a Cher fan at all, but I'm really proud of these albums. The ABBA album was just something I done in my spare time for fun, but it ended up being pretty... Great, and Benny Andersson liked it so that's a pretty big compliment in itself. The other album is a mix, there's this one gorgeous tracks - it's big, it's powerful that I'm hoping the label will choose to be the lead single. There's another track I love, it's an electronic based pop track which is quite sad in it's lyrics, about being in love with someone who's just out of reach, knowing that being in love with each other isn't meant for this life." Cher revealed the working title of the original album is 'Meet You In Heaven', saying she thinks that's one of the most poignant lyrics on the album.
  4. No, it was used in an official campaign for Tom Ford.
  5. A song that's already been out for like two years? Groundbreaking.
  6. Everyone knows about this - you need to live under a rock to not know about Nipplegate.
  7. Anyone can say if for all I care. I'm not going to get offended because of a word. I'm not that sensitive.
  8. Not 'Heartbeat (feat. Pharrell)' being the Madonna song from Hard Candy
  9. Lily's made it clear that she's trying to get out of the record contract she signed 13 years ago. She's had major sales and been one of the biggest popstars in the UK, and now she just wants to be a singer-songwriter who can still perform at festivals and on her own tours. That's why promotion has been pretty minimal. Lily will no doubt release all music independently once she leaves Parlophone.
  10. Glasgow School of Art is on fire for the second time in just shy of four years, and I'm sad. Such a hugely historic and iconic building.

  11. I don't know what this is but I seem to have done pretty well
  12. It's finna slay. William Orbit, who produced Pure Shores and Black Coffee, is back on board for this album as well as Hutch and Fred Ball who worked on Red Flag and George Moore, a new collaborator. K-Gee is back, obviously - I love that they keep working with their original producer.
  13. Joey Essex annoys me so much. Literally no one can be that dumb.