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  1. I can’t remember who it was that hadn’t her but she released an album called The Misconduct of Xtina - @Nicki Minaj might be able to fill you in on that
  2. The Champion was the only thing i done with her :roserun: No promo, no video - just the song
  3. SHANIA TWAIN RECORDING DANCE MUSIC? It was confirmed that Shania Twain is working on her sixth studio album, but it seems the new project might be heading in an entirely new direction for the Country songstress. Twain was seen leaving a recording studio with Zedd over the weekend, with the queen of country pop posting a snap of the pair together in the studio on her social medias. A source said: "Shania's always loved dance music, but her partnership with Mutt meant that it wasn't on the radar. With 'Now', she experimented a lot to find a sound to move forward with, and she's going to release some dance music. She's worked on a couple of songs with Zedd, and done something with Skrillex too. Whether it's a full album or just an EP, no one's sure but it's exciting. She's got some killer tracks." Twain is slated to release her new album later in the year.
  4. I already registered YES by Louisa Johnson @Moonlight
  5. More really successful careers being erased I see? I don't know what to say other than certain artists whose careers are being erased would... just not be successful if they debuted in 2018. It's not realistic - and yes, I know this is a game but... it's not realistic and it doesn't really feel creative either. If anything, it feels........... reductive if you're erasing entire careers just so you can re-use old songs as new ones.
  6. I kind of feel like I wanna reinvent Shania a little with this upcoming album... I want to keep the country elements but even before I brought her back to CAL, I've been saying Shania needs to move into a territory that's much more pop because of how horribly the country music scene is treating her... Plus, the direction could have been teased with Let's Kiss & Make Up on the last album... I need to think about how I'll tackle this... Unless I do two albums at once - a pop/dance album and a country album but totally different songs, to please different territories and fanbases... It'd be a CAL first, surely...
  7. In the morning when I'm going to be doing stuff during the day but if I'm just lazing around the house, I'll shower around 4/5pm before dinner - I can never shower at like 9pm, I buy shower gels with citrus scents specifically because the vibrance of the smell wakes me up In other news, if any of y'all go to Wilko then get the orange and pomelo shower gel It's the best smell ever
  8. I need to cancel :roserun: I've been out the last few days and I'm planning to go out again later so I won't have time to write up any performances