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  1. Who would be your ideal "The Voice" judges?

    Shania, for country/rock Gaga, for dance/jazz Fergie, for hip-hop/pop Siobhan Donaghy, for more left-field/electronica/trip hop
  2. Adam's Top 10 Albums Of 2017

    They just wrapped up a 22 date sold out arena tour Calm down Liam Payne stan His music (besides Kind of Beautiful ) is the most generic stuff of 2017 Contrary to belief, not everyone likes Melodrama
  3. So ladies We all know that I have the best taste on this forum, so I'm here with my list of the best albums of 2017 - let's begin 10. TLC - TLC RECOMMENDED SONGS: Way Back, Haters, It's Sunny TLC's long-awaited comeback/"final" album had a lot of controversy attached to the release. They used a Kickstarter in January 2015 to raise the money to fund the album, and it went way over the target amount - even Katy Perry donated! Time went by, and more time went by and it seemed like nothing was happening until they finally announced the release for May 2017. Lead single, 'Way Back' was, and still is, one of the best songs to come out in 2017 - a fresh take on the TLC sound, with a verse from Snoop Dogg that doesn't sound phoned-in. The album received 63/100 on Metacritic, however achieved very little chart success. 9. reputation - Taylor Swift RECOMMENDED SONGS: Look What You Made Me Do, ...Ready For It, Dancing With Our Hands Tied I listened to this the day it came out, and I was appalled. I hated the album. However with a few weeks having passed, I've mellowed to it and can appreciate it for what it is. It's a decent pop album - is it a good Taylor album? ...No. But it's a decent pop album. 'Look What You Made Me Do', '...Ready For It', 'Call It What You Want', 'New Years Day' and 'Dancing With Our Hands Tied' are all top tier. I think this could have been better had it not been as repetitive. 8. Beautiful Trauma - P!nk RECOMMENDED SONGS: What About Us, Barbies, Beautiful Trauma Another album that I was appalled by at first. I think I was just thrown by the fact I was expecting something else. She sounds incredible on this album, and if Revenge didn't exist then this album might be higher on the list. What About Us and Beautiful Trauma are incredible singles, and I think these could/should have become signature hits for P!nk. Shame the era seems to be somewhat underperforming. 7. Double Dutchess - Fergie RECOMMENDED SONGS: Enchanté (Carine), Tension, A Little Work 'Double Dutchess'. The release of this album is infamous. First single released in late 2014, the album not out until September 2017. Tragic. I received this album about 2 months before it was officially released, with a different tracklisting. Four singles preceded the release of this album, and all in all this is a great album... Would have been even better if it was released when originally planned for (January 2017) as opposed to September but personal issues prevailed which caused the last delay. 'Enchanté' and 'Tension' are both underrated bops that deserve love from the public. 6. Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato RECOMMENDED SONGS: Sorry Not Sorry, Tell Me You Love Me, Sexy Dirty Love Demi's best album, and anyone that says otherwise will catch these hands. 'Sorry Not Sorry' was basically the song of the summer and reached the top ten in both the UK and the USA - becoming her highest charting single in the USA. 'Tell Me You Love Me' is one of her best songs to date, and the video is visually stunning. I'm happy that she finally created an album worthy of that voice after so long - hopefully this isn't a fluke and she'll continue down the path of becoming a superstar. 5. Witness - Katy Perry RECOMMENDED SONGS: Witness, Roulette, Into Me You See (yes, I fucking love that song) This album is, without a doubt, my favourite work of Katy's. Sure, there are a few hits and misses (Power being the main one) but it's a solid record and was worth the three year gap between albums. I think the major misfires for this album's success was the fact 'Bon Appetit' was the second single, and that 'Swish Swish' took forever to get a music video. 'Chained To The Rhythm' performed incredibly well, so it's not like people aren't here for Katy in 2017. They just weren't here for her going from "purposeful pop" back to the "old Katy" sound. 'Hey Hey Hey' and 'Witness' have been scrapped as singles apparently, so the era is likely over which is a shame as I think they both could have had wonderful music videos. 4. The Architect - Paloma Faith RECOMMENDED SONGS: Crybaby, Guilty, Price Of Fame What a fucking incredible album this is, oh my god! Paloma is a goddess, and deserves the world. 'The Architect' is an album where she sings about everything except love, as evidenced by the original album title - 'There's More To Life Than Love'. This is, once again, Paloma's strongest work to date and it shows a huge artistic growth to her as an artist. 'Crybaby' is a fucking song, and it deserved to be #1 worldwide - just like 'Guilty' deserves. 'Kings & Queens' and 'Til I'm Done' need to be singles, and 'Price Of Fame' makes me upset since it's about the wonderful, incredible, talented and sorely missed Amy Winehouse. 3. Unapologetically - Kelsea Ballerini RECOMMENDED SONGS: Legends, Miss Me More, Roses Kelsea Ballerini is an artist I've known of for a while now - firstly, because my friend kept telling me I'd love her and secondly, because Shania Twain brought her out to perform at Stagecoach earlier this year. 'The First Time' turned out to be a solid album, and 'Unapologetically' is even stronger than her first album. 'Legends' had one of the most emotional music videos of 2017 - it tells you what happens at the start, and you're still left near tears. 'Roses' is very reminiscent of Taylor Swift, and this is basically the country album I'd want her to make in 2017. I can't wait to see how she continues to grow as an artist. 2. NOW - Shania Twain RECOMMENDED SONGS: Life's About To Get Good, Let's Kiss and Make Up, We Got Something They Don't I very nearly put 'NOW' as my #1 album, but that's predictable and also untrue. I fucking adore this album, every single song is solid and it amazes me that she wrote everything herself as well as co-produced everything. 'Life's About To Get Good' served as the lead single, and received a lukewarm response as it threw people. People were expecting campy, fun Shania even though she'd said for almost two years that this album would be more from the soul and something new for her - it had been over a decade since she last recorded an album, after all. The album debuted at #1 in USA, UK, Canada and Australia and has spawned a world tour - her first since 2003. I've been living with this album since June, even though it came out in September and it's surprising to me that it's held up so incredibly well. The original title, 'Triumphant' was amazing, and I think it'd have summed up this album just as well as 'NOW' does. 1. Tears On The Dancefloor (Crying At The Disco Deluxe Edition) - Steps RECOMMENDED SONGS: Dancing With A Broken Heart, Scared Of The Dark, I Will Love Again No one could have predicted how incredibly well Steps' comeback would be - not even I expected it to go this well. They released the original edition of the album in April 2017, and it shot to #2 in the charts - despite selling loads more physical copies than Ed Sheeran's Divide. 'Scared Of The Dark' also became their first top 40 chart entry since 2000's 'Words Are Not Enough'. The album has spawned two tours - 'Party On The Dancefloor' and 'Summer Of Steps'. The theme of the album, evidently, is clubbing whilst you're experiencing heartbreak; "Tears On The Dancefloor", "Crying At The Disco", "Dancing With A Broken Heart". This album was the album of 2017, and the most incredible pop comeback ever. They showed everyone how it's done, and now - despite only reuniting to celebrate their 20th anniversary - Steps have started sending out to get songs for their sixth album, which some people think will be out in late 2018. Steps are back, and here to stay - and I, for one, couldn't be happier. And that's my list. There's a lot of diversity on the list - pop, disco, country, hip-hop, R&B but I think people who only listen to one genre and never listen outside of said genre are tired.
  4. One of my posts on Popjustice just got 36 likes - only took 4 years of being on the forum to get such a popular post :britsideeye: 

  5. Linked Song Titles

    Crying On The Dance Floor - RuPaul
  6. Yeah, you can send an application for all your artists
  7. Linked Song Titles

    Man! I Feel Like A Woman! - Shania Twain
  8. Linked Song Titles

    You Lay A Whole Lot of Love On Me - Shania Twain
  9. I'll hop onto CALBooking tomorrow morning before class and confirm some details for the soundtrack
  10. Are you happy for Beyoncé?

    No. This was a cheap tactic to get the #1.
  11. It'll probably be tomorrow morning that I read any messages but I won't be able to confirm bookings and update the calendar until Wednesday afternoon since I'm hosting a gig straight after college
  12. Fun fact: This is the first country album to be certified 'Diamond' since Shania's 'Up!' album
  13. Introvert or Extrovert

    Idk I'm just quiet, I wouldn't say I'm introverted
  14. People are really celebrating this? It says a lot that her first #1 in almost a decade is a feat... Shania may not have a #1 but I'd rather that than her desperately hopping from song to song in search of a #1