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  1. Well I can help you with that but its best if you took a class. (Nou, ik kan je daarmee helpen, maar ik denk dat het t beste is als je een cursus volgt)
  2. Its clear you dont know 5H. They are like sisters! I prefer 5H
  3. I'll start! In Dutch: maandag dinsdag woensdag donderdag vrijdag zaterdag zondag
  4. Lets remind ourselves how world wide and diverse this forum is! Lets remind ourselves how beautiful that is With something that every country knows in the world: The days of the week. But how are they written in your own language? Post! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  5. @Nicki Minaj @laracroftonline
  6. CAMILA becomes the first 2018 album to get certified Platinum in the US! Camila did THAT! :fire: 

  7. I love you so much babe! I love our chats in the Random Thoughts thread. You are just so kind and deserve this thread!
  8. She always looks like fire! No wonder she is also a Model!
  9. I tried to search but there wasnt a thread for it yet. And it was originally for Red.