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  1. Happy birthday. You're missed :demicry:

  2. Happy bday king, we miss you :oprahcry:

  3. Happy birthday, sis! :party:






    Come back now :jan3:

  4. Happy birthday king :paris: 

    Miss you :hoeanne:

  5. when're you coming back legend

  6. Whoever told you that It absolutely has been changed, and I’m remembering exactly the coke and fat threads being made without any warnings.
  7. It’s the principle that me getting harassed for 30 whole ass minutes isn’t a warnable offense, but a literal joke is Not battlegrounds suddenly being strict too. Change should’ve never been advocated during trollgate
  8. The hypocrisy You made a thread on ‘no deaths left to exploit’ on battlegrounds and I BET you weren’t warned. Since someone was kind enough to move it to NHB all of a sudden.
  9. I get harassed for 30 minutes straight and not a word. But the second I make a fat joke to a youtuber, I get warned. :jan3:

    1. Guest


      COP in a nutshell :whereisit:

    2. Rumors


      Girl, I don’t even get it anymore :coma1: I apologize for ever giving you warnings back then. :jan3:

  10. Why was I warned for a joke? @badgallaura, I called the YouTuber fat. When is she a member?