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  1. You’re so delusional He’s literally the reason it’s on fire
  2. Congrats. Now stop being biased and permaban everyone else for making the same jokes in SYG
  3. If you knew they were a NOTORIOUS troll, why were they not banned for it? Why were they allowed to make the Ariana terrorist jokes for months on end, but NOW it’s listed in their ban log post as a reason for them getting banned? Tragic.
  4. Okay You asked for feedback and got it though, don’t expect everything to be positive.
  5. What’s up with the censorship Is this North Korea or what
  6. So now we’re doing something about the Ariana terrorist claims :whereisit: how convenient 

  7. I mean we don’t really even argue anymore, just like you said the chemistry isn’t really there. But wig at BTS bringing out the best in us.
  8. The Swedish girls always serve quality pop music
  9. I've about HAD it with all of the race discussion, NO ONE CARES at this point, so on to something more positive @beysus You can be funny when you're not being vile. @Nice For What You seem fairly smart for your age. @MSL SAME AS beysus. @badgallaura something about our personalities just make us clash, but with your recent BTS stanning I'm liking you more again.
  10. what you're doing in your own home is NOT anyone else's problem. you guys....
  11. There’s no issue with people rapping along to whatever they want at home. Stop making it an issue.