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  1. this place was literally home and a safe space for me and a lot of others I met a lot of cool people on here and had so much fun I thank god I got banned from GGD for 3 months cause it led to this Although I've lost touch with COP near the end, I still can say I had a good ride on this site I'd like to thank all of you for all good & bad times these are moments that will always be in my heart HERE LIES CHURCH OF POP cause of death: a discord server 2017 - 2019
  2. these teens being so ignorant they didn't even witness the peak of Patti's Career or Sinatra's so they can't even tell if Beyonce is willing of icon status she saw them rise and fall she KNOWS what she's talking about
  3. Zedd — 365 Daddy Yankee — Con Calma - Remix Charli XCX — Blame It on Your Love (feat. Lizzo) Ariana Grande — 7 rings Ava Max — So Am I
  4. the kii is that every big publication named her best dressed I'm screaming dont you know what camp is?
  5. it's so disgusting and it's one of the reasons that make me hate how I look + it affects my personality cause I think that no one wants me simply by me being brown, chubby and ugly and the fact the same "ugly chubby brown arabs" are doing it to their own kind to please the whiter kids teachers are such pedos its disgusting
  6. well whiter cuter kids are favored more by teachers than the normal brown kids which is sad considering the teachers are the same as us i have to study so hard to get a good grade when they can get a teacher to change their grade simply by them being cute
  7. LADY GAGA COVERS BILLBOARD MAGAZINE | MAY 4TH Lady Gaga was the cover girl of his week's Billboard magazine issue she talks about New music, Fashion & Oscar win On New Music I'm always making new music its apart of my everyday life its kind of like eating for me its an important part of my daily life and I've truly missed releasing Pop music my fans really deserve it as they went through these huge changes with my music me going jazz and country for a long time and they have been patient and I think this is their treat............. On Fashion Fashion has been a huge part of my career and my music fashion is not just clothes it's more than that it has really helped me feel good about myself and be myself in my own way On Oscar Win I truly didn't see it coming it was such an intense moment when I heard my name and it's like I saw my career flash before my eyes it was such a moment I remember looking at my sister who I took as my date that night and she had this big smile and hugged me she was so proud of me and I'm so thankful for her and Bradley and Mark and The Boys who helped on the track I really couldn't have done it without them
  8. LADY GAGA ON THE VOICE | MAY 6TH on May 6th Lady Gaga performed on the Voice her 2 New Singles No Way & Then You'd Love Me the stage is dark and the crowds are screaming suddenly you see headlights with smoke going through it, motorcycle sounds start to play and the headlights get closer and suddenly you hear her scream "ARE YOU READY?" and the crowd screams, even more, the lights turn on in a blue color and she starts to play the piano and single her new song Then you'd love me she sings a verse and a chorus then ends the song and No Way starts to play she plays the piano till the intro is finished then gets off the motorcycle and gets in front of it and starts singing and dancing, the dancers come in during the chorus and they all dance with gaga and then she starts to play with her hair then the second chorus comes in and only the girl dancers come out and gaga drops her microphone and starts to break it down with her female dancers she dances around during the outro then her dancers sleep on the floor around her while she puts her arm out and poses