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    -Paparazzi is confirmed

    -Perfect Illusion is confirmed 

    -Bloody Marry is confirmed

    -Dancin' in circles is confirmed

    -Applaus is confirmed

    -And the STAGE will definitly have bridges wich can move 


    - Circular Spiraling Red/White Interlude for DIC

    - Multicolored Lasers



    - Bridges (on the bottom?) Moving Up and Down. Tested on DIC

    - Platform like things

    - Two screens at the side to the stage

    - Width of a hockey field but smaller than BTWB

    - Big wall of LEDs

    - Part of the stage from the ceiling (?)



    - Gaga stated there’s “more trucks than before”

    - Individual Wi-Fi for each crew part (Lady Gaga, Band & Dancers)

    Songs Heard
    Judas (Drum Intro) (Gagas Drummer on instagram)
    The Cure (DJ White Shadows Instagram Story)
    Applause (Lighting rehearsal)
    Paparazzi (Lighting rehearsal)
    Dancin' In Circles (Lighting rehearsal)
    Bloody Mary (Lighting rehearsal)
    New Track (Lighting rehearsal, heard her vocals singing a new track we havent heard yet, heard her vocals belt a note)

    Bridges Lower From Ceiling
    Red and blue lighting for Paparazzi
    Purple lighting for Dancin' In Circles
    Two large screens at the big of stage
    steps leading up to the large screen at back of stage
    Dolls/Mannequins on stage during DIC lighting rehearsal
    White circle thing is supposedly a bridge/platform that will rise.mp3
    start of Bloody Mary several white spot lights come on then the lighting turns red
    People/dolls on platforms during Bloody Mary lighting rehearsal 
    Gaga's wifi networks (with screenshots)
    New track had red lighting with white spotlights going around the arena