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  1. who ever deleted my status update 

    was that a yes or a no

    1. MSL


      a BIG FAT NO

    2. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      How bout you take your tingz and be on your merry way???

      Fly off with a wink - bye bye baby!

  2. feeling like i dont fit in or scared that just a "hi" would annoy someone
  3. any selena track out this year most of sweetener bottled up girls like you
  4. cant believe most people that i thought liked me actually hate me now im-

  5. get fucking over it you pig she doesnt wanna hang out with u anymore so stop
  6. yes they made 2 tracks Red flames and ratchet (ratchet supposedly had beyonce rihanna and azealia as a collab) but gaga decided she had a "Bad attitude" when u have a rapist on the album
  7. probably cause it would of helped artpop and azealia
  8. ...... ....tru (she could of served gay bops with azealia but her highness decided to be a hypocrite)