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  1. Lana Hanging Out With Marina AGAIN!!

    awwwww i really like there friendship! its so cute!
  2. Artists who care too much about chart success?

    omg I loved her meltdown in the applause era but she doesn't care about success
  3. Is Qur'Anti the best album of 2016?

    remove the Qur in the title i am not responding
  4. I spoke with Rose Mulet

    no please dont its the only memory left of her
  5. I spoke with Rose Mulet

    tragic we lost a legend
  6. COP Survivor Season 2: Coron

    yes i am balor she came to me on discord
  7. I spoke with Rose Mulet

    i have an idea why dont u bring her back tbh i miss her messy ass
  8. COP Survivor Season 2: Coron

    BADGALLAURA @badgallaura
  9. fine china cover (by hunty)

    no there are words! its tywin lannisters song after he rained fire upon house Reyne of Castamere he plays it at his enemies own castle just so they know that tywin is coming for u LYRICS: And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low? Only a cat of a different coat, that's all the truth I know. In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws, And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours. And so he spoke, and so he spoke, that lord of Castamere, And now the rains/Reynes weep o'er his hall, with no one there to hear. Yes now the rains/Reynes weep o'er his hall, and not a soul to hear.
  10. The FCC just voted to dismantle Net Neutrality

    You are right march an army the internet is powerful They wont stand a chance the people will win give it your best
  11. The FCC just voted to dismantle Net Neutrality

    Im Here In Saudi Arabia Seeing Dis Shit Like Tragic
  12. Gaga dropping hits

  13. fine china cover (by hunty)

    Awesome Voice could u do the rains of castamer? ur voice will fit wonderfully!
  14. does oomf mean crush? in gay? 

    1. CUZ!CAN


      It does mean one of my friends lmao

    2. ACT2



      do u have a word for crush? 

      i think crush is a FlopT