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  1. the title "JackOff Frost" IS SO FUCKING GENIUS LJSDHGLK
  2. well im forgettable so i guess i'd like a peak again sign me up
  3. yes because there is a reason we live this life and we have a soul its a test from god you either pass or fail
  4. i think 18 is right to start living and taking your own choices but you will always be in their eyes their young little boy so dont fucking get brave and ignore them or scream at them the shit yall amerikkunts do is disgusting
  5. holy shit the teas got me snatched we are not ready sis
  6. we havent had a storyline based show since BTWB i cant WAIT Call me joanne was found in a ditch!
  7. ACT2

    I wish i was normal...

    omfg im crying this is exactly me im slowly dying on the inside because of this i know the pain it SUCKS
  8. im not taking a person that has a woman beater as their avi seriously so try again later sis
  9. the britney stan has hit a new low