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  1. Visually: Gagachella was the best but stage presence wise it has to go to Beychella and ari? well whatever ari did.......
  2. wow.....sometimes we don't deserve what Madonna did for our pop girls...
  3. what is this supposed to mean LMAO
  4. this comment is more sadder than 2007 birtney
  5. incorrect the only people that are credited from "after laughter" are Mary Lou Frierson and her brother Johnnie Frierson also "older album" isnt an excuse Just dance and 2 writers other than gaga
  6. and they call her the new "queen of pop" gaga cant relate:
  7. nope! its just that i have 2 more weeks of tests then im done with school for good! (well 4 months only)
  8. her OG second single had a date then it got delayed one month then during the month that was supposed to be released during got canceled the song is Blood Sweat & Tears
  9. she had no control her label forced her to do it when they already had a single planned
  10. the producer's list is looking MEGA amazing i can't wait for her to give us the techno/EDM/pop album of the millennia
  11. at least Ava's Production isn't just 2 808s with her whispering on the tracks but then again, everyone has their taste
  12. I can't wait for her to die out people are so desperate for a "scary" singer shes basic. end of story