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  1. the emote seems shady tf is this supposed to mean
  2. i need to meet gaga she has changed my life 180 degrees i want to talk about everything! her childhood, music and def ACT 2 @neonnights deserves to see godlie mingoue @CUZ!CAN deserves to see p!nk @Black Beauty 💫 deserves to see Beyonce @Drag Me Out needs to see denis for the 72093709th time
  3. i think if ariana sang it it would be more of a youtube cover video other than a tribute
  4. she still cant dance people come to her shows just so she can feed her kids food out of pity
  5. oh its doing very good shes been performing well hows britneys WHOLE ASS TOURING CAREER AFTER 2007?
  6. oh she is still a bop! i wish it got nominated! but thankfully a remix of the title track won a grammy so god bless! hows britney's meds and knees?
  7. oh wow it really is a coincidence! i just saw the britney stanbadge god bless her
  8. "ugly" people > robots that are passed their prime
  9. i got banned on GGD for 3 months and i was on twitter and saw a "reopening" of COP on @MusicRumorsTea twitter acc and was interested
  10. yes. you are right she OOOZES talent. my god that stinky smell of being amazing
  11. Joanne Won a Grammy SEETHE WHORES


  12. Lady Gaga On SNL (2/9/2019) On Febuarary 9th Lady Gaga was the musical guest for the Iconic TV Show Saturday Night Live she performed 2 songs Her Hit "No Way" and the surprise song she released Yesterday "Then you'd love me" or "Earthquake" Performance #1 No Way: Performance #2 Then You'd Love Me (Earthquake):
  13. Lady Gaga Then You'd Love me (Earthquake) Release Title: Then You'd Love Me (Earthquake) Artist: Lady Gaga Genre: Pop, Electro Label: HAUS of RECORDS Writers + Producers: Lady Gaga, DJWS, RedOne Length: 5:00 Treatment: Promo Single Release Date: Feb 8th, 2019 Lady Gaga Released this Promo Single from her yet to be announced 6th Studio Album and its a song about a girl wanting a boy to like her and its a very romantic song..... Lyrics: Audio:
  14. Lady Gaga No Way Music Video Official Release 2/8/2019