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  1. I've read that the bottle is worth 2500 dollars, let me go marry someone real quick just to get a fancy gift from Tay!
  2. Pop radio 31. Taylor Swift — “Delicate” (+4) *new peak* • Spins: 1.695 (+194) • Audience: 10.000 (+0.784) HAC radio 25. Taylor Swift — “Delicate” (=) • Spins: 981 (+81) • Audience: 5.225 (+0.307) Overall radio 127. Taylor Swift — “Delicate” (+8) *new peak* • Audience: 16.139 (+1.253) When Spotify's charts are updated I will be adding all the new data to the pinned post.
  3. Yes, it's been rising positions on Spotify US, WW, pop radio, hot adult contemporary radio and overall radio. A few hours ago they also moved the song to #2 on Today's Top Hits which is the biggest playlist on Spotify (19+ million followers)! So it's rising for sure considering that the positive updates count for the second week of charting. She needs to increase the Spotify exposure even further (and take example from Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello who have their songs on more than 1000+ Spotify playlists) but it's showing promising signs of growth. Anyway you can look at the thread for the updates:
  4. This obsession with Homojénik and me ain't cute, sis. So I am not supposed to enter (without even commenting) a Demi thread because that makes me desperate in your eyes? Keep telling that to yourself honey.
  5. Delicate went from #7 to #2 on Today's Top Hits by Spotify, Big Machine is spending their money the right way.
  6. This is the second time you mention my username on a Demi Lovato thread I haven't even written on, I guess you must be thirsting for new posts of mine about her.
  7. Are you calling yourself desperate?
  8. We knew Katy has taste for good songwriters, slay.
  9. New update from today. Spotify WW #84 (+17): 819,287 Spotify US #70 (+9): 354,568 Spotify UK 132 (+16): 47,973 Spotify Canada #58 (+20): 45,259 Spotify Australia 94 (+3): 39,956 POP radio 47 [previous position] 35 [current position] TAYLOR SWIFT Delicate 1501 388 1113 9.216 +151 Spins +54 Bullet +0.876 Audience HAC radio 41 [previous position] 25 [current position] TAYLOR SWIFT Delicate 900 212 688 4.918 +132 Spins +100 Bullet +0.711 Audience OVERALL radio 135. Delicate [+14] *new peak* Audience: 14.886 (+1.672) HAC radio adds #1 Taylor Swift - Delicate 11 adds (+3 adds) POP radio adds #10 Taylor Swift - Delicate 3 adds Hot Adult Contemporary radio is eating Delicate up. Thoughts?
  10. Congratulations to all, I'm especially excited for @beysus and @KingOfCrescentLovatic, slay!