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  1. LGB community really suffers a lot in the Middle East, so I think they should be in the main focus.
  2. Thanks but no, that would only raise even more boring snowflakes and would harm the society and the youth!
  3. She's SO arrogant, thinking she's THAT bitch when in reality she's just another talentless woman from 4H.
  4. "I am Normani, I was born Normani and I will die Normani. PERIOD" It is really influential
  5. @Elusive Loverboy what's your stance on this?
  6. Her fans and celebrity friends shove her ugly ass to our throats, WBK! I wonder how many cocks she had to suck to get all this endorsement Again with the label Ally's song is just better and Lauren has the star power, something normani lacks She's doing HORRIBLE on Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes too
  7. Not y'all taking this human RIGHT away from us.
  8. In before whore stans claim "BuT LovE LiEs pEaKedT at #9!!11!!" let's take a look at their ACTUAL solo singles: Camila - Never Be The Same: Top 10 smash hit, 185M+ views on YT. Lauren - Expectations: 25m+ views on YT Ally - Lowkey: 13m+ views on YT Whoremani - Waves (Which isn't even solo, this whore is not even relevant enough to release a solo song): 5m+ views on YT: TOTAL FLOP considering the initial success of Love Lies (thanks to Khalid) and Dancing with a stranger (Thanks to Sam) Why is Whoremani such a flop? Is it because she's talentless as a turd? Is it the karma for her cockiness? Or is it because she's "a dark-skinned black woman(?)" Discuss and keep it cute.
  9. Tranny = MAN in a wig. Nothing transphobic about that.
  10. He is such a narcissistic WHORE! It feels so good to know that she will NEVER be a thing!