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  1. There are really trashy modneys on the team though.
  2. I have had several times back when I used Twitter It even went to a point where two barbz threatened me to leak my IP Adress to the Dark Web. I was scared for my life, I've deleted my twitter account and used VPN for 2 weeks after that. Scary shit tbh
  3. And to clear up the disgusting "transphobe" allegations about me:
  4. An apology would suffice LMAO, At this point this is just sad, I have a successful life so I don't need to get the "legend" status on an online forum to feed my ego. You really thought you were doing something didn't you? BYE sis have a good day.
  5. That was literally an expose thread including racism and sick remarks. I'd downvote ANYONE who tweeted those. Nothing to do with you. I don't really care about you. Glad I'm still on your mind though, posting your score with an unnecessary shady note. PressedT
  6. I don't have a beef with you or anyone else for that matter, never did. I only care about the people I like, but go off sis. Good day.
  7. Modneys are PRESSEDT

    1. CUZ!CAN


      and what about it :arianano: