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  1. I won all of my nominations, wig! Thank you all for attending and special thanks to @Oh My Gaga and @Drag Me Jonas for hosting, it was a thrilling event, we need more events like this
  2. I love Black Beauty, don't get me wrong but... *inserts can you come up with something else gif
  3. I love every nominee in this category but I want @Ahmed to win!
  4. Oh my GOD! Congratulations @King or Queen, you truly deserved it man!
  5. It actually has a lot to do with intelligence considering you wouldn't even be half as popular if you didn't say dumb shit like that DAILY. You don't even shade, people just assume you're shady because you post dumb shit all the time, lbr.
  6. She was such a coward, she should've at least own up the shit she said.
  7. Well, it's the most memorable thing you've ever posted, so question your own intelligence I'd say
  8. "BTS >> The Beatles" isn't what I'd call a good shade either.
  9. I didn't know I was actually a likeable member. Thank you guys, you're literally the best!