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  1. Had fun here Was nice arguing with yall Cya in another place (:
  2. I think she will be lucky to peak the top 20 tbh
  3. Sonii

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    because she was acting cringe no one took her seriously, one part because of the "basic indie singing" she is known for and maybe that she came from tumblr? lol Now more people like her because she knows how to serve looks, started having better MVs and has success...and u know stans LOVE success (they switch like......)
  4. I mean...she was obviously not the best dressed Her performance was..something...and one of the main reasons publications praised her.. I mean..her new PR team is doing wonders in the press She is ranked the best dressed in almost all of the publications. We all know that's false Not hating on her but she had GREAT costumes in her career. A recent appearance of her in NY had a BETTER look than all of the 4 combined have no idea why they chose those 4 monstrosities ..not that they were bad but they could've done better to make her the best dressed... good that Rihanna wasn't there tho
  5. Not really, she really is involved in the writing process. Beyonce has been exposed to write her name on writing credits when she didn't do anything..or she changed 1 word (this is a fact, it was a cover song). Love her but she has been hailed as a mastermind when the songwriters have been interviewed saying they wrote the songs based on their personal experiences, not even Bey's situation
  6. Lets be real. It's Beyonce. When looking at GP's negative comments, one of the most met negativism is that she is overrated. Taylor is attacked on other stuff +When u look at their music, TayTay writes for the charts and stuff that can sell so one would rate her that high..while Bey tries to be this artist who is high and mighty with lots to give in the artistic sense when she has a good reputation of stealing ideas,songwritting/producing credit etc. and she is getting acclaim from critics and award shows much more than artists that do deserve that like Mariah. Not hating on anybody since I love their music but that's the tea.
  7. Korean groups (BTS or BP) shouldn't be underestimated these days tbh.. Plus Billie is a pretty big force now While Taylor is 10+ years in her career and actually did pretty well with a basic kid ass song like that lol I am actually impressed that she managed to do well I am not surprised at her drop since it wasn't something anyone was expecting..I mean..it was a negative reaction. Big artists usually start to underperform after their 10th year so don't expect great success from her anymore (unless it's touring I guess?)
  8. Lmao what Are u really praising Katy for a collab that she wouldn't have done if Bieber didn't remix Despashito? Her 2nd attempt at getting a hit, since the DJ route one didn't help? U do know that the song has been freefalling on Youtube,Spotify and WW iTunes right? It isn't even in the US Digital sales and it was released 1 week ago. It's already falling from the iTunes charts in 5 out of the 12 countries that its currently charting in. And it's not even in the top 10 in the rest of the 7 countries that it is. It's doing even worse on Apple Music. The song only has radio support but it will probably be another 365 situation where it won't help and it will continue to fall everywhere else. But congrats on the new flop song your fav gave ya. It's funny since she is also falling from the Global Digital Artist ranking. So glad that my fav could achieve a relevance of more than just 9 years and 4 albums btw
  9. Who is the Italian girl that is hosting? Is..is Gaga hosting the Met Gala?!
  10. The sad part is that she cant do that. Her handlers make her work.That's why she is uninspired with music and performances. Only recently she had been given a little bit more freedom with the music (we got Glory) and her own management of her chore/costumes (2016 is her peak performances this decade). But overall she cant decide much of the stuff and can get pretty easily shut down..although she had rebellions (she refused to sing Britney Jean and she puts time limits on interviews) #JusticeForBritney #FreeBritney
  11. Well she jumped on the trend at a time where latin sounds have been doing pretty good several years already so it's a lil bit different (although Bey got a liiil bit of flack although it wasn't felt because critics suck her ass lol) but the other reason is that Madonna has been known to do stuff like this..she is often attacked for leeching on other artists anyways Katy wont get anything since she isn't that big anymore.. I dont think fans take her as serious as someone like Gaga or even Ari, to attack her for stuff like that..
  12. Welcome. im interested in what u did? and who u were on there anyways dont let the bans bother u, the mods are biased af on atrl (pity since the forum used to be good)
  13. her team is cheap they wouldn't waste something like that I mean..the Glory album cover was a shot from the Official Make Me video Slumber Party's single cover was from the Slumber Party video too Britney and her team hasn't cared for single covers since the beginning and they are stopping to care for the album ones now too
  14. It isn't fully edited or finished.... But yea, glad we finally have it in HQ downloaded it just in case