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  1. I dont know anything about this situation First thing I heard about it is that it's fake..but..only that.. Who was he attacked by? What for? What is the propaganda? lmao
  2. Honestly...I don't remember I think I heard it in a forum (which name I shall not speak of)
  3. Honestly..there are so many undercertified stars that they are probably more than just 4.. Beyonce and Britney especially have low certs...CIL and Toxic sit at their Gold cert although both could get a 2xPlat I think
  4. He hyped up a collab with Britney too and nothing really came So be ready Normani fans, he may just be chasing clout for his album which is coming out soon.
  5. It's at 995k not a mili still sad tho an ad against being toxic makes some people so hurt? pathetic
  6. nnn the way u just had to attacked her : its fun on cop
  7. No idea..but they do have lots of Faults in their Human Rights laws and justice.. They even tried to disprove that study with the "racism is a white invention" bullshit and btw US isn't actually that racist.. We just know the racism because there are US news mostly on the net.. They are pretty used to seeing other races tho Europe too But they are held to a higher standard than most because they are in the eyes of everyone and are even the most open countries when it sexual orientation,gender equality and race acceptance. Asia is VERY underrated when it comes to Racism...they are more racist than Europeans for example imo
  8. Girl...Kelly Clarkson and P!nk are pretty good vocally.. Ariana may be young but she is pretty skillful too! I would even give Gaga a nod
  9. Poker Face vs No Tears Left To Cry One Sweet Day vs The Sweet Escape Formation vs Fighter Toxic vs Umbrella Cool Girl vs Super Bass MILFS vs Party in the USA Good For You vs Cool For The Summer Sk8er Boi vs Trouble Music vs Fuck You Roar vs Worth It Dear Future Husband vs Flashlight