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  1. Welcome. im interested in what u did? and who u were on there anyways dont let the bans bother u, the mods are biased af on atrl (pity since the forum used to be good)
  2. her team is cheap they wouldn't waste something like that I mean..the Glory album cover was a shot from the Official Make Me video Slumber Party's single cover was from the Slumber Party video too Britney and her team hasn't cared for single covers since the beginning and they are stopping to care for the album ones now too
  3. It isn't fully edited or finished.... But yea, glad we finally have it in HQ downloaded it just in case
  4. V Everyone has different stuff that they laugh at Some people like kevin hart's comedy, some people like gabriel iglesias' I mean, there is black humor ffs
  5. I swear to god guys... Yall just want to drag somebody If u've watched his videos, u will obviously know that that's his type of humor lmao
  6. Tinashe P!nk (everyone forgets her, so weird to me) Janet (everyone snubs her just because her career was sabotaged after SB) Britney
  7. I am not bitter by Gaga? I like her. When LMs were attacking her and giving up their stanbadges in Joanne's era, I was bopping to the album. The only problem I have with her is her fans like yourself who attack others and act cocky. Joanne's success was partialy because of the Superbowl (which shot her next single to the top 10 (her only top 10 that era) dont know what HTS is ASIB is tied to a successful movie and a big actor who also makes part of the album, it's not solely Gaga's success/name either Many ppl can safely say that she was saved by stuff like these Her best bet is to continue to release adult-oriented music which will leave most of her oldest fans dissapointed but she will thrive in her career because she found what clicks with the GP again since Shallow is probably the biggest "click" she had since the BTW era
  8. but it is facts also there is a reason this is popular what does this have to do with Britney cant defend a fav so u attempt to drag mine? Pathetic
  9. For a song. Not for acting which is what Oscars are usually for. I am expecting Beyonce to win an Oscar next tbh What do u expect. The movie mostly won awards for music if it did any for the movie itself.
  10. how is that proof for anything especially when u are one of the members that Dismiss any receipts and here I am supposed this to take as a fact because it's the first thing that comes up in Google although it's known that Google displayss stuff based on popularity?! that's why fanbases still laught at yalls delusion
  11. I doubt Formation is the most awarded song..Shallow probably wont be either
  12. At least u are not delusional on that. Although "Impact" can refer to success too I already told u what impact Britney has had, I doubt Ari has had more in her 6 years of career. She hasn't even passed artists like JLo edit: Actually...I see what u may mean. Ari's FULL career surpassed Britney's peak? That's more logical
  13. I mean..it's true what Elusive said.. Yall bark that someone is bigger but when provided with an overwhelming arguments, yall dismiss it We all know u just took Ariana to either get her dragged or to stand behind someone more successful Yup. We can all pull up their sales and see proof that Ariana is nowhere close She cant even outsell her tour grosses and her peak is at the Touring Peak It's pretty easy to toss Ari's wig when compared to someone like Brit, but it's not a real Ari fan that does the comparing so..
  14. Lmaooo Well..they are obviously just trolling...some people really hate Ari's fans cocky behaviour so they want them to get dragged.. But yea..I can write several stuff.. She is credited with the revival of teen pop She is THE best selling TEENAGE artist of all time (I mean..the Army's quote: "Britney outsold your fav's career with her first 2 albums" is relevant for a reason) She is adored by Madonna and she was the FIRST artist to collaborate with her. Michael Jackson INSISTED and FLEW HER OUT to his concert so they could perform together. After her, there were pop girls debuting that were molded after her (Christina,Mandy,Jessica etc.) and after that, there was a new mold of girls called Anti-Britneys (P!nk,Avril,Ashley etc.) She has been cited (and still is) as one of the best performers in the world..I mean..3 Iconic performances alone gives u that. She has always been at the top with her tours (I mean..obviously not above the artists with longer careers) BOMT even inspired a show with the same name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hit_Me,_Baby,_One_More_Time_(TV_series) Gave Max Martin's first 1# (and the other way around lol) Made good girl, gone bad a thing Was still successful during the RnB takeover (releasing one of the most iconic songs/videos) Has at least 3 iconic videos/songs. She thought the video concepts of all three and made the costume of 1 of them. She has choreographed many of her stuff (and continues to do so) Has been mentioned in 100+ songs Blackout is probably her magnum opus (she exec. produced it) it was indicted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame, has been said that inspired a new sound in ongoing electric trend which gave path to Kesha and Gaga's debut (also noting how Telephone was written for her) (I mean..people had classics ready for her....Milkshake,Umbrella,Telephone....) It was the first time a mainstream artist had a dubstep track on their album too! But the big impact came when she released HIAM and artists like Jay-Z,Flo Rida,Bieber,Kanye etc. released their own dubstep-inspired tracks. She had one of the biggest comebacks with Circus and had one of the biggest Tours of the Decade. Re-Started the Vanguard Award trend and received other 2 other BIG awards that not every artist can get. Was named most powerful celebrity and topped Forbes 10 years apart (some careers barely last 5, wink wink) Re-started the Vegas trend (Mariah,JLo,Bruno,BackstreetBoys,Gaga,Gwen followed+more) Her residency was visited by Beyonce,Avril,Jayz,Gaga,Katy,Miley,Shania,Sia,Serena,Selena,Kesha,Paula Abdul,Bruno Mars and many others.. Was given the Key of the city and her OWN day. Was credited as bringing a younger crowd to the city. Brought 20$Milion every year for the city. Has one of the top 5 best selling residency shows to date. Had the biggest show in Asia for this decade Had one of the best selling tours of 2018. The biggest female artist of China has been inspired by her...BoA has been called the Korean Britney.. She has surely impacted Kpop and we can see it today (and the fact that many Korean girl groups have cited her as inspiration,performed songs by her,get songs made for her and many of them went to her Asian tour in 2017, is another proof to that) other stuff...there are movies,songs and albums inspired by her like..Country Strong..Manilow's 15 Mins...Marina's first or second album...etc has several of the best selling singles and albums.. is one of the artists that has sold the most tickets and gross.. probably only Beyonce beats her there and P!nk will soon (but they debuted after her so duuh) One thing is for sure tho..Britney is the biggest seller in Europe,America and Asia. She is only 2nd in Oceania (to P!nk) and Latin America (to Shakira). The fact that she is the 2nd most photographed person in the world and the most searched person since the internet has started speaks a lot. She probably has the biggest perfume empire out of other musicians (which is deemed to be around 2Billion and I recently saw 5Bil somewhere) she was worth 150Million to the US and someone did the math https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/189432 I mean..other legends like Whitney,Janet..and Celine adored her. P!nk said that she deserves the world. Bey's group was an opening act for her and narrated a Britney special before debuting solo, and AFTER she still went to B's POM shows. She has been called a Legend by artists like: Bieber,Gaga,Jessie J,Lily Allen,Iggy,Demi,Tinashe and even Billboard. the new gen is an obvious fan of hers Selena,Demi,Halsey,Lana,JB,Miley,Nicki,Adele,Taylor,Ed (the latter 2 constantly do covers of hers I mean) and even Ariana herself Selena and Taylor even performed Britney songs on their tours lmao many young artists said they loved and were inspired by her at the Radio Disney Awards (and u know they are young if its Disney) there were even 3 songs last year that had a mention of Britney or her songs I mean..the last BIG artists have cited her as inspiration and are fans of hers..Gaga,Taylor...even Katy (like..she payed her tribute by coming to the VMAs with a jean dress like Britney did) I mean..if Azealia doesn't hate her when she hates everybody..imagine that This was gonna be short but I got carried away...(and I gave facts about her sales and longevity which wasn't needed but oh well..still impact right? we aren't talking about influence after all lol) More can be said about her impact but I guess this is enough...
  15. Yall should stop, Ari is a cute girl. Stop trying to drag her I am listening to her music as I am typing this I mean..even Britney's haters came to say how stupid this opinion is