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  1. Yall so stupid Those videos are garnering him the most views on his channel... Any Youtuber would KILL for those views "nobody asked for this" my ass snowflakes
  2. I love Troye but...Muscle daddy?
  3. No she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker
  4. Yes she does I think it isn't allowed for a make-up artist to paint her face for more than 15 minutes so they do what they can. She can look gorgeous when they do it but she mostly does it herself, she doesnt like to be touched ever since her meltdown so..yea
  5. yup, and your shades/drags dont work and look funny exactly because of that I advice u not to come for anybody and be nice instead of being mean
  6. @eevee hates Britney and Mariah for no reason and pls dont say "cuz they dont have talent" since u stan Rih sis ot; I dont hate anyone without a reason I am not that Sad.
  7. Drop it. The op will never see his delusional ways..and he will never learn to read or type either. People who proved their talent have said that she is talented so I prefer to believe them over COP forum user "Craig" here is one just recently: Keep being pressed yall!
  8. Where did i say rihanna was a legend? And u said that u THOUGHT britney was a legend. Please learn to write and read. Also, pretty embarassing that this music fraud outsold yours and many others favs huh? Bye fumer Lmao
  9. Imagine thinking chart success makes u a legend. Only a Rihanna stan lol.
  10. Not when she makes 30% of the celebrity perfume sales. She smells nice for sure
  11. I posted in 2 threads, not in EVERY thread u made. U need to seek help because u are the one attacking other's favs embarrassing
  12. Nnnn someone is mad because of the other post on your thread? Continue to fume
  13. Do u really believe the Wikia? U said it urself that ANYONE can change Wiki pages. Go on google and actually do your research. Half of the Glory songs are missing on that list. Especially when she has so many leaked unreleased songs that She wrote too. and sis, I know. nowhere did I say that she is a producer because she was an excec producer on Blackout. But she did produce at least 1 song, Everytime and Someday. She has definitely produced others tho