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  1. I don't listen to podcasts but I am interested in this one: https://muumuse.com/2018/10/its-britney-bitch-podcast-20-years-britney-spears.html/ They go through her career and talk about what has been happening in the years.. Heard it can open a lot of eyes to Britney's 2nd breakdown that happened around 2011!
  2. Sonii

    I'm done.

    Waiting to see what the trolls will comment^.^ !
  3. We are actually in the top 5 or 6th place in this forum..at least judging by stan badges We are actually 4th place on par with Rihanna >Ari,Gaga,Lana,Rih/Brit Idk where everyone is
  4. This Especially when some users here gang up on other members I've already seen it happen with 2 people recently
  5. Mess! Didn't see the "female" part.Sorry! lol Anyways what about Selena Quintila,Ciara and Adele?
  6. Where did this infestation of people hating at Britney come from? also @Bill Maher I would advice u to stop giving in with those fights..dont even hate on their favs it's not worth it U saw how 85% of them were OBHs? and yelled that the thread backfired (which it would've even if it wasnt for them tbh) but they were the only reason for that because they hate Britney and her fans. They cant even do proper draggings so it's obvious that they want u to get mad "robotney" "no rights" "no talent" is that all? But she is still being mentioned in songs (4 this year alone),getting talked about for her iconic performances/songs/looks,mentioned as an influence to people and she still makes Forbes and does okay with Tours I mean..2 of the haters stan a russian band it's embarrassing for them to even drag another artist Anyway, that's all.
  7. Honestly..BigBang are bigger than 2Ne1 that also kinda led the Korean Wave...also Exo are a pretty big korean group and hmm..where would u rank Jenifer Lopez?
  8. Don't even pay them attention They will drag Britney even if she was the highest grossing female. The important thing is that she is the 6th Biggest touring Female this year (1Mil behind Katy who is more relevant than her right now) I guess we should be happy that even with her lipping and "stiff" performances, can still be top 10 when it comes to females
  9. 1st: I already said that Beyonce and Pink are bigger but there are hundreds of other pop girls which Britney is bigger than 2nd: Lady Gaga isn't a peer of Britney (literally 10 years apart) 3rd: Pink's 2013 tour has 131 dates that aren't from 2014 and that's where the 4 year mark ends So she has around 190 Mil when u combine her gross from the last 4 years 4th: At least u agree that Britney is in the Top 5 biggest touring females from her peers even if one of them isn't even her peer edit: 5th: Not every date of Britney is reported so the numbers are probably inaccurate And? Gaga is 10 years INTO her career, she SHOULD be able to gross more compared to an artist that has peaked 20 years ago Exactly, Britney CAN tour and if u see the numbers of the other girls (who have toured) many of them aren't even passing the 50Mil mark. Go learn to drag better Britney is still on Forbes and still earning cash from Touring even if yall attack her performing skills
  10. Avril?Christina?Jessica Simpson?Nelly Furtado?Brandy?Monica?Alicia Keys?Dido?Shania Twain?TLC?Lauryn Hill?Natalia Imbruglia?Gwen Stefani?Fergie?Mariah?Alanis?Sinead?Fionna?Ciara?Shakira?Kelly?Hillary Duff? They are all from 90s till now and they were all pretty big at one time, no one has been able to pass 200mil tour gross in these 4 years, most of them dont even have an overall Tour Gross of 200Mil. Rihanna is around 250Mil with 3 Tours and excuse me?U do know that talking about mental issues and Britney is warnable here right? Anyways u Are pressed and u do come to drag her along with the first people to post in this thread. Anyways do that. I said what I said, Pink and Beyonce are bigger touring artists but only them. Other female performers that are Britney's peers? Not really. She is in the Top 3 from the late 90s/early 00s in touring.
  11. Not everyone is grossing 200Mil with their tour honey She is one of the few popstars that is doing big shows, especially when this tour is 4 years old yall drag her for performing bad but she still sells pretty well Lmao So stay pressed in every Britney thread (when u dont even have the right when u stan an unknown broken up band ) That 100M was proven fake sis Anyways good for Gaga! She is 10 years IN her career! Britney is 20, and is still the 3rd biggest female from her peers (Bey Pink) (and she still started before them) Glad that she could open the doors and inspire Gaga to do a Vegas residency
  12. Actually it's 200Mil+ Some of the dates weren't fully reported.. how much did Serebro gross in those 4 years? ot: Britney is the 6th biggest female touring act.
  13. @Homojénik waiting for your stats hunty!
  14. <.< Is there going to me another round?
  15. Madonna is making double than Ariana's career sales with a tour Mariah still makes good music Britney makes good music, u just have bad taste+she just had a pretty good selling tour. U should respect the people that your fav stans, more.