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  1. Better Era:YN or L4L

    Both outsold your fave so
  2. Goodnight, my angels of pop music <3 

  3. Lana Del Rey

    It DOES sound interesting tbh especially considering the last sentence, a mix of both!
  4. Gaga dropping hits

    considering what what going on on her life at the time this is kinda sad
  5. Lana Del Rey

  6. Has 2017 been a good year for you?

    it was groundbreaking for me. getting comfortable in my own sexuality, stanning Lana, my mental health and general perception of the world changed during the summer... it's changed me a lot I also joined this piece of shit I've been sticking to for 6 months ad I met y'all so that too
  7. now THIS is the tea


    Imagine it with more matching vocals :wendy41: 

    1. jackgrande


      Omg i’m low key SHOOK

    2. Trainwreck


      This is so good :judgega: 

  8. Lady Gaga - JOANNE | Megarate | hosted by: CUZ!CAN

    I don't hate Cheek to Cheek. I've listened to some songs and they're amazing, though jazz isn't my cup of tea. Just because of that I won't trash it though PI is good though very repetitive. And maybe if they added more rock-ish guitars it'd be better. DH could use some more guitar too. It's production is kinda bland sometimes but the vocals are on point
  9. I went off on my own fave nnnn :rip: 

  10. Lady Gaga - JOANNE | Megarate | hosted by: CUZ!CAN

    @jackgrande continuing from that to clear something up : It's not that I find Joanne boring because It's stripped back, absolutely not. I stan Lana Del Rey ffs I can handle slow songs and I fucking love them And I stan Rainbow, Kesha's stripped back album. Why do I fucking LOVE that album? It's genuine. You hear Bastards and Hymn and Praying and Spaceship and Emotional and Godzilla and her voice just melts with the songs so well. You can hear Kesha singing the damn song. It's HER song, they're HER words, and she sings them like they're hers. Along with the other bops of the album. I'm not saying Joanne is a bad album. It deserves the Metacritic score it has and the lukewarm reception. It's just a terrible Gaga album. And not because it's not singing about space sex or monsters or loving yourself or whatever else people think makes Gaga who she is. No, it's the confidence in her own words, her witty lyricism, and the ability to always make the genre melt with her. In TF she made dance pop hers with her amazing lyricism for "basic pop trash". In TFM, well, I don't think it needs explaining. BTW is a unique lyrical masterpiece, with production that goes so well with it too. ARTPOP is the mess that it's supposed to be, lyrically and production wise. It was her artistic self on steroids. Joanne is a pop/soft rock album. That's it. There's nothing special about it. I think I dragged her enough One last thing tho, if she truly wanted a back to her roots album, she should've done pop rock. Red and Blue is AMAZING, if she made a part 2 I'd start believing in God
  11. Lady Gaga - JOANNE | Megarate | hosted by: CUZ!CAN

    ARTPOP has better production and more emotion than Joanne. TFM is the most consistent Gaga album thematically and production wise. Hey Girl, Grigio Girls, the AD worktape I forgot existed, Come to Mama, Sinner's Prayer or the second half of the album is entirely forgettable. Unlike Gaga's previous albums, her artistic execution was terrible with this one. Usually she gets into a certain mindset artistically, like crazy EDM for AP and the preachy BTW or "Fear of X" TFM and she pulls it so well like she actually felt something about those albums. Joanne felt so forced and fake it was unbelieveable. For being an album she's supposedly really connected to she hardly shows it genuinely. I've seen more passion in post-ARTPOP mess interview than in any of her current ones. Joanne was rushed, she scrapped the original LG5 when she changed her artistic mindset again, and probably because she needed a Joanne era for her broken image after ARTPOP. And I hope TC is left in the trash where it belongs. I don't want that for LG6. The only song faker than the entirety of Joanne was that sorry excuse of song. I won't drag Diamond Heart however, that's the only song where she does show authenticity. It's not fake, it's Gaga, it's Stefani, it's damn her.
  12. Almost 7x Platinum :trisha: 

    cumming for Diamond soon

  13. What are you currently listening to?

    obsessed with this
  14. Lady Gaga - JOANNE | Megarate | hosted by: CUZ!CAN

    Sis she's already dead, literally
  15. Lady Gaga - JOANNE | Megarate | hosted by: CUZ!CAN

    I just DRAGGED her Sorry to my fellow monsters but this is her worst album, the execution was awful and felt ingenuine