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  1. What was she in prison for? Anyways... Still waiting for someone to do her on Snatch Game
  2. Omg whale cum back legend :hoeanne:

    1. CarlySlayJepsen


      Hello sis :rly:

      So many new thangs, I'm shook :shook: 

  3. Again Again - Lady Gaga Addicted - Madonna Queen - Jessie J A.M. - One Direction (don't fucking @ me) Bel Air - Lana Del Rey I Got It - Charli XCX ft. Brooke Candy and cupcakKe Cry - Carly Rae Jepsen Drunk - Zayn Messiah - Madonna Never Let Me Go - Lana Del Rey Roses - Carly Rae Jepsen Clean - Taylor Swift This Love - Taylor Swift Velvet Crowbar - Lana Del Rey Ok Imma stop
  4. Not to be dramatic or anything but he really did what he had to do with his music He was and still is the only male rapper I'm listening to. RIP King
  5. Singles were and are trash Like I'm sorry sis, LWYMMD is a cute girlie and I was bopping to her Ready For It... was and still is tragic tbh and I wasn't ready for it End Game is... ok. Not my fave and I deleted her immediately but not as bad as RFI Gorgeous isn't living up to it's name Call It What You Want is ok, I bop to her from time to time MVPs like Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, I Did Something Bad, Delicate and Don't Blame Me were paid DUST to I still have no idea how she went from Style, Wildest Dreams, New Romantics and Blank Space to this mess called End Game and Ready For It...
  6. YES, I still have orgasms when I hear that guitar solo Like bitch really snatched my wig and tearedT my bussy apart and wide open
  7. I literally heard Dirty Ice Cream ages ago It's a mess...
  8. Song that's Bummer higher than BPBP? I must be higher than Lana after party, because girl... That does not add up
  9. She will pull another Best American Record White Mustang stunt I can feel it She hates gays, but she isn't homophobic we leaked her shit and she has had IT with our bullshit We gotta pay for our sins
  10. Gorgeous People Disgusting Problems is way to low sis
  11. I was just listening to it and holy fuck... HOW did she manage to snatch me like that, how the fuck was she able to make such a masterpiece? I'm still pressed she decided to put it on Japanese or other lowkey irrelevant edition, Is This Happiness deserves EVERYTHING. When aliens invade our ugly asses and start killing us I won't be saving nobody since it's what we humans deserve after sleeping on Lana's psalm
  12. I just love sipping on this delicious Tea even tho it burned my lips and tongue
  13. Miss Lady VaJenna won't be ending miss CaCa since Fad ended herself when she signed that paper for fucking Vegas shows
  14. I will support them both as long as they don't sound like those dumb ass sleepy xanax-needing rappers