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  1. Wow. Where can I apply to become a mod?? I think I'm well fit for the call of duty xx
  2. Jennifer has the better hits and she is the more skilled artist. not to mention the fact that she is tons more relevant in 2017 ! EDIT : Ms. Knee, don't take it personal. we're gurls.
  3. Damn! good thing i'm still standing tall thru all of the commotion x
  4. well GIRL BOO why isn't that the case with us ? ? ? ? ? ?
  5. yes. how come we have them but dogs don't
  6. girl boo i have an account and it's not banned . the mods are simply too discriminatory and oppressive .
  7. she's flattering herself honestly . people don't even remember there was ever an artist called GaGa. it's an expression.
  8. Stay mad cuz meyn edges be laid