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  1. I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to send DMs apparently.
  2. Label: Starlight Records CEO: @Tattooed Heart Artists: The Weeknd and Demi Lovato
  3. I screamed at “shes kinda ugly” i love you
  4. Because recreating different depictions of gods (and god like entity's) isn't iconic but sitting in a courtroom is
  5. There's nothing wrong with cgi especially if it looks good, it's not going to be on a movie level because it's a music video. It was more than enough Hi Bich is literally her in court then the same three scenes afterward yet it's iconic
  6. I just gave you great examples which you seemed to ignore but go off ms camaraderie
  7. Who said they could only bring up one? They just chose their favourite. There’s also no tears which is amazing. Into You which has a cute plot ditto to one last time but go off I guess OT she doesn’t, imagine thinking god is a woman is bad but a video of a girl in court is good nnn
  8. But he never texts her yet went out of his way to finally do it only when he saw she was THRIVING with other guys, meaning he was jealous
  9. Well the time frame itself will never change but by using a much larger one than what’s needed you’re giving the idea or you’re trying to convey that someone or something is really old.
  10. Yes! Whew the way she gave the jesus role to a black woman. We STAN
  11. Yes but this is about CARDI, people are voicing their concerns and disgust about CARDI. What nicki did literally doesn’t matter in this thread but y’all keep trying to hide that
  12. Ah, I feel really bad for her. Hope this pregnancy goes great for her
  13. This was a great megarate sis! Thanks for all the hardwork
  14. tea, its not a bad album, it's a horrible one Admittedly, I like artpop