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  1. The Weeknd releases the lost in the lyric video The video begins in a room that is completely black. There is nothing in the room apart from a small altar with a silver box on top of it. The lyrics start appearing on the screen as the camera revolves around the silver box. Then, around the pre-chorus the camera goes into the silver box and now the room is silver with a silver altar and a gold box in the middle. The camera begins to revolve for it again before zooming back out into the black for the chorus. After the chorus finishes the camera zooms back into the silver box. It revolves it for a little before going into the gold box. The room is now gold with a gold altar and a green box. The camera revolves around it before going into it for the chorus. The chorus is quite sporadic with the camera. First standing still then going back and forth through all the rooms. The bridge comes and everything stands still before the final chorus comes and the camera goes through green, blue and yellow boxes. Then it goes through the final box only to again, be left alone in the complete darkness.
  2. The Weeknd x Z100 New York On February 7th, The Weeknd calls into Z100 New York to discuss his return to music among other things! Interviewer: We’re back and we have a verry special guest here today! The Weeknd! He’s been gone for a couple years but he’s finally back with his new single lost in the fire! How have you been? Abel: Thanks for the intro haha! I’ve been amazing! Had an amazing break and am fully energized for this new era! Interviewer: You’ve said on multiple occassions that this won’t be the lead single from your new album right? When do you see your lead single coming out? Abel: hmm I’m honestly not sure! I’m THINKING maybe around end of march or april. I want to make sure its perfect before I release it! Interviewer: Will you be releasing any other singles until then? Abel: I think I will! I have lots of songs in the catalogue that I’ve made since my break its just a matter of fixing up and compiling a cohesive album that I’m proud of. BUT I don’t want the songs to go to waste so I will be releasing lots of promo singles so that y’all can hear what I’ve been doing since my pretty long hiatus! Interviewer: Do you have any ideas for what the lead single will be? Abel: I do and I think its name will be the name of the album as well. Interviewer: What’s the name? Abel: I really shouldn’t- Interviewer: Oh come on please! Abel: Oh fine! It’s called Starboy! Interviewer: I LOVE the name! That’s all the time we have today! Lost in the fire is out now! Stream it on Vox and buy it on iTunes!
  3. The Weeknd x 102.7 KIIS-Fm “On February 7th, The Weeknd goes onto 102.7 KIIS-FM to discuss his new single and what he’s been doing with life.” Interviewer: How have you been? You’ve been on the show before but not in a loooong time! What have you been up to? Abel: I’m good! It’s great to be back after so long. I took a huge break to live and write music at my own pace. I feel like I’m ready to come back into music and promote my music. Interviewer: I can’t imagine your label was thrilled about that huh? Abel: They were really supportive actually! They understood that I needed time to live on my own rules and they gave me a break. They knew it was risky but they were still okay with it! Interviewer: are you okay with your label right now? Abel: I love how it works! We have meetings with the higher-ups to listen to music talk singles etc but they give me and the producers 100% creative freedom. If I want a writer to help, I can get one, if I want to write the song by myself then I will. They’re amazing and really care about the quality of the music they go out there and promote SO they let the artists take their creative vision. Additionally, they don’t make me promote too hard either, its much more chill than lots of labels I know! Interviewer: I see, now your new single is produced by the famous French DJ gesaffestein. How did y’all meet? Abel: We met while I was in Paris, he was performing at a club and he went OFFF so I asked to meet with him backstage to give him props and since then we just became really close. We produced lots of songs together over the year or so we’ve known each other. I’d say around 7 and I feel like a lot of them will be on my new album! Interviewer: Do you have any tea about your new album? Abel: No haha, not yet! Interviewer: That’s okay, we’ll be streaming lost in the fire in the meantime! It is out now and here it is next! Thanks for the weeknd for being here!
  4. The Weeknd x Kimmel On February 4th, The Weeknd goes onto Jimmy Kimmel to perform his new single “lost in the fire”. “Now to perform his HIT single lost in the fire, give it up for The Weeknd!! *the crowd cheers intensely as the lights begin to turn on and Abel is facing the back of the stage. He swiftly turns around and begins to sing the first verse of the song. He is walking slowly to the front of the stage from where he is standing as he does this. He walks just slow enough so that he makes it to the front for the chorus of the song. He puts the mic back onto the stand and begins to dance and vibe to the beat of the music as he belts the chorus. He rips the mic off the stand and begins walking to the right the second it is done. Dancers begin to come from the right and surround him as he is singing the song. They get closer and closer almost trampling him before he breaks free with the beat drop of the chorus. They get back up and get behind him quickly to dance to the second chorus of the song. They move from side to side and when he moves to the left to engage the other side of the audience they do as well. They stand still for the bridge as the lights go offbesides a spotlight above him. He softly sings the bridge before all the production comes back and they go into a dance break again to end the performance. “The Weeknd everybody! lost in the fire is OUT NOW on every streaming service and music purchase site!”
  5. The Weeknd x Ellen The Weeknd goes onto the Ellen shows on the 1st of February to discuss the release of his new single “lost in the fire” after taking a 4 year break from music. Ellen: Making his return to music, here to give his first interview in years give it up for The Weeknd! *lost in the fire plays as he walks to the stage He is wearing a black jacket with black pants and a silver chain. Ellen: How have you been? Abel: I’ve been good, took a loooong break and I’m finally ready to release music again. Ellen: I think it’s a little longer than long. It’s been 4 years! What have you been doing all this time? Abel: Honestly, just living! I was in a slump. No lyrics, no music no nothing. I couldn’t make music and I felt like I wasn’t living my life, just slaving away in a studio trying to write something, anything but nothing working. I thought “lemme take a break for a little bit” and so I took the day off and woke up late. It was amazing, I thought then and there I should take a week which turned into a month. I was traveling and I thought it’s better to just live instead of trying to write songs with no material. I was living and it was great, I was writing every once in a while but not much. A year into it, I sat down and wrote something, it was one of the best things I’ve written. I was writing a lot but then it stopped and I hit the same slump again, I realized that to write, you have to LIVE. I’ve written and written and I have enough to write an album! Ellen: Any relationships in that time? Abel: haha, yes. I don’t like talking about it much but I’ve been dating too! Ellen: Is the album complete? Abel: I have all the songs I want on the album. There are just some tweaks I want to do to lots of the songs to make them better. Rewrite some stuff, rerecord stuff like that! Ellen: Is lost in the fire the lead single? Abel: It’s just a fun single I wrote and co-produced with my friend. I don’t even know if it will end on the album. I think I’ll release a proper lead single soon but not yet! Ellen: We’ll be ready to here it. Speaking of, you’re off to perform the single, right? Abel: I am! *commercial break* Ellen: Now, for his first television performance in 4 years, give it up for The Weeknd performing his new single, lost in the fire! *the crowd cheers as the lights come on* The lights are shone on The Weeknd who is kneeling to the ground with a big chair beside him. He slowly gets up as he walks to the front of the stage while singing the song. He makes it to the front as the chorus begins to kick in. A circle of fire begins to encircle the chair in the middle and you can see that someone is sitting on the chair. He is fully painted with glossy black paint. Two dancers pour in from each side of the stage and they stand to the left and right and begin their choreography as The Weeknd is running around the stage singing the song. The circle of fire slowly fades away and like he appeared, the man disappears. The Weeknd slowly begins to sit onto the chair and sings the second verse of the song The lights go out for a second. The fire comes back with the man sitting in the chair again with Abel now laying down facing the ceiling while he sings. The song slowly fades with The Weeknd on the ground singing the song. “The Weeknd everybody! lost in the fire is out now! Buy it on iTunes and stream it on Vox now!”
  6. The Weeknd releases new single “lost in the fire” After a long break from his last album Beauty Behind The Madness, The Weeknd returns to music with his new single surprised released at 12:00 am. Title: lost in the fire Artist: The Weeknd Genre: R&B/Soul Label: Starlight Records Length: 3:19 Lyrics: Audio:
  7. Hey, I added a comment booking a slot on the spreadsheet but I don't know if that's how you're supposed to do it. Sorry for all the questions ksks
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  11. Label: Starlight Records CEO: @Tattooed Heart Artists: The Weeknd and Demi Lovato
  12. I screamed at “shes kinda ugly” i love you
  13. Because recreating different depictions of gods (and god like entity's) isn't iconic but sitting in a courtroom is
  14. There's nothing wrong with cgi especially if it looks good, it's not going to be on a movie level because it's a music video. It was more than enough Hi Bich is literally her in court then the same three scenes afterward yet it's iconic
  15. I just gave you great examples which you seemed to ignore but go off ms camaraderie