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  1. I miss you :britcry: I hope you're doing well!

  2. @hammer not you poking me SKSKS

    1. hammer


      I voted everyone online :thinkga:

  3. oh look popcrave finally giving credit to simm Giaw top ten, delicate NOT I'm such an OTH
  4. I hate bandwagon votes, it usually favours the darker roles since there are more good than bad I'll have to think about it more!
  5. I mean timeless means it has to be a while, which it hasn't, BUT almost all of her songs are still good so hopefully (and I think it will) it lasts
  6. Not smartest but definitely most wise since they stan a 1000 year old artifact
  7. Except it’s obvious when one says it as a joke between friends and when it’s an attack. Its not that hard to tell the difference so I don’t get your point
  8. “First of all I wanna thank my good bro Indie for making me a moderator in the first place. Next I need to shoutout my good girls: Tattooedheart, Salv, Nicki Minaj, Homo, Nacht. I love and ONLY stan them. Next I need to call out the DISGUSTING behaviour that was exhibited by me winning an award. Imagine finding a person who exposed a racist worst than the actual racist...YIKES! And last but not least I want to say: NICKI MINAJ IS FUCKING OVER! POOR CARBZ WHO SAID NAZI WOULD END CARDI! BUY AND STREAM I LIKE IT” - beysus NNNNNN
  9. She was blurring out the fakes, only the real ones stayed
  10. The Weeknd announces We're Alone Together discount and new bundle. Starting on Friday, We're Alone Together is discounted to $6.99 everywhere. Additionally, on his website, The Weeknd announces a new album bundle that includes a long sleeve XO shirt alongside the signed album (first 2000 afterward not signed). The price is $19.99 and is going to last for about a month. The signed copy bundle will be up until it's sold out.