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  1. I screamed at “shes kinda ugly” i love you
  2. Demi Lovato x Breakfast Club Interviewer: We have Demi Lovato here with us today! How are you, Demi? Demi: I’m doing pretty well and I’m really happy to be here. What about you? Interviewer: I’m feeling quite good as well. Has it been hard to adjust back to promoting and such? Demi: Very, before I could have a very peaceful day with nothing planned besides maybe a jog or going out with friends etc but now. Whew, I always have so many things planned and to do and it gets tiring. I love doing what I do but it’s definitely hard. On the plus side, I feel like I’m getting myself back into a schedule which is always good. I’m always more productive when I have a schedule of what I do. I was excited to get back into that schedule going in but now I’m always tired and so I hate all the work sometimes. Interviewer: I definitely agree, it’s kind of like summer and school. Demi: EXACTLY, when you’re in summer for too long you crave school when you’re in school too long you crave summer. I think I’m getting better at it though, it’s getting easier and easier to ease back into every new era. I think releasing the songs are what gets me through each day. I’m a fan of lots of artists and I’m always anticipating their next release and so it makes me feel happy knowing I’m doing that for someone else! Interviewer: What are some of your favorite artists? Demi: I love-love Beyonce. I’m really getting into lots of new artists like Normani, Zara Larsson and Aaliyah, all very talented! Interviewer: Me too, I’ve been streaming lots of their songs for a while now. My personal favorite is Lush Life! That’s all the time we have for today though! Thank you to Demi for coming onto the show and don’t forget to buy “Games” and get your merch for a discounted price! Here is games.
  3. Demi Lovato x James Corden “Now, to perform her hit single Games, give it up for the one, the only Demi Lovato!” Demi starts on the chair next to James with her head down until the intro comes in. Demi gets up and starts singing and walking to the main stage. She purposely walks slow enough that she makes it to the stage at the pre-chorus of the song. She gets on a small pedestal before the chorus hits and stays there for the chorus. The chorus is a mix of red, teal-ish, purple and pink. Usually, it’s only the last two colors but for this one it has two new colors. Her dancers are surrounding her doing their choreography under the pedestal. For the second verse, Demi starts walking off the pedestal and her dancers are making a path for her to walk. Demi makes it to the pre-chorus once reaching the front of the stage. The camera goes from behind Demi, to the audience and back in front of her. She’s jumping when the chorus hits and begins to move into formation with her dancers, doing their choreography. She makes it to the climax of the bridge back onto the pedestal where she stays for the rest of the performance. Doing different hand gestures and movement for emphasis before finishing with two fingers in the air with the lights off. The screen behinds her shows static before showing a silhouette “Games is out now!”
  4. Because recreating different depictions of gods (and god like entity's) isn't iconic but sitting in a courtroom is
  5. Demi Lovato x Big Boy’s Neighbourhood On Monday, Demi joins the cast of big boys neighbourhood for a quick interview Interviewer: Thank you to Demi Lovato for coming here today for an interview! How are you? Demi: I’m good, I’m really happy to be here. Interviewer: As many knows, tours are a big part of what is now known as “eras”, do you have any plans for a tour? Demi: Well, while I just started my new era I don’t see myself touring just yet. I really want to be more grounded for a while before I commit to something that could very well take a whole year or so to finish. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to tour, but at this moment and for the next little while I don’t really want to tour. Interviewer: Games has been out for a week or so and fans are already thirsty for new music, do you have anything to give them any time soon? Demi: New music? Probably not. The announcement of things to come? Hell yes! I don’t want to say anything today but I will definitely be telling my fans about my future single. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time so I don’t think I’d be able to hold in my excitement haha! Interviewer: So no music soon? I know many fans will be disappointed by that. Demi: I know, I know BUT this reminded me of something that is coming super soon. Maybe even this Friday! It’s a remix for games. What’s going to be on the remix, I want to be a surprise until it’s out but I will be having a remix coming soon! Additionally, I’m planning on release some longer sleeve merch items since it’s gonna start getting colder so I discounted my current merch to half price! Interviewer: ooh, maybe I should get some! Demi: you’d look great in the Nicki pink tank top! Interviewer: Hahaha, that’s all the time we have for today sadly. Demi Lovato! Games is out now and coming up next!
  6. Demi Lovato x Jimmy Kimmel On Monday, Demi Lovato joins the Jimmy Kimmel show for a performance of her hit single Games! “Now, to perform “Games”, give it up for the multi-platinum recording artists, Demi Lovato! The camera slowly pans from Jimmy all the way to the main stage where Demi and her dancers are all crouching down almost to their knees, facing the stage. The lights turn on one by one, making a loud clapping sound everytime one turns on. One by one, from the left and right the dancers, begin to spin around and jump up to face the crowd staying still afterward. Demi is the last one to do this and she takes a look at the crowd, keeping with the mood of the performance so not smiling. The iconic “stop playing games” line slowly fades in and is repeated multiple times before Demi and her dancers break position and finally start walking. Demi is slowly walking forward while the dancers move backward sticking to their strict line. Then for the chorus, they all break the line and go into simple choreography. This is done one more time before all the dancers come together for the bridge surrounding Demi when she hits the climactic note of the song, they all pretend to get pushed backward. They end the performance with two fingers up in the air! “Games is out now on all platforms! Don’t forget to get yourself some merch at a discounted price as well!”
  7. There's nothing wrong with cgi especially if it looks good, it's not going to be on a movie level because it's a music video. It was more than enough Hi Bich is literally her in court then the same three scenes afterward yet it's iconic
  8. I just gave you great examples which you seemed to ignore but go off ms camaraderie
  9. Who said they could only bring up one? They just chose their favourite. There’s also no tears which is amazing. Into You which has a cute plot ditto to one last time but go off I guess OT she doesn’t, imagine thinking god is a woman is bad but a video of a girl in court is good nnn
  10. But he never texts her yet went out of his way to finally do it only when he saw she was THRIVING with other guys, meaning he was jealous
  11. Well the time frame itself will never change but by using a much larger one than what’s needed you’re giving the idea or you’re trying to convey that someone or something is really old.
  12. Yes! Whew the way she gave the jesus role to a black woman. We STAN
  13. Yes but this is about CARDI, people are voicing their concerns and disgust about CARDI. What nicki did literally doesn’t matter in this thread but y’all keep trying to hide that
  14. Ah, I feel really bad for her. Hope this pregnancy goes great for her