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  1. yoo this used to be my old account :whereisit:

  2. true but i kinda want to start fresh on a new account
  3. justcatchmeari

    should i?

    Should i just start fresh on here and just make a new account? i literality hate the way i introduced my self and i really wanna take that back
  4. My new and official username will be ArisSource:wendy21: u know what to do queen:wendy22: @QueenOfCrop

    1. Cyrus


      I'm here because I want to change my name too :poot: I hope he sees this 

    2. justcatchmeari


      honey u can:wendy19: it different for me cause I'm a verified vip:wendy20:

    3. Cyrus


      I have to wait 7 days :wendy26:

  5. SideToSideWasSnubbed i need the user to have something with ari and like something with updating
  6. i been getting a lot of hate recently cause of my new username...and it really is bugging me...can someone help me with a new name
  7. this is my last one i just need to promote my youtube channel
  8. it kept saying i had like 224 total views and 39 videos and it just really bothered me and it also wouldn't let me like videos or anything