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  1. No sorry. Just Dance, Poker Face, And Love Game is.
  2. 90s fad and homophobic D-List “vocalist” Mooriah Cuntry or Blonde pop royalty and international queer princess Emma Jean Spears? All I Want For Christmas is You or Blonde Christmas (preorder a Very Merry Emma Christmas on iTunes)? You decide.
  3. Stop mentioning me bitch!!!!!!!
  4. High C List bordering on the edge of low B Lister.
  5. After almost 2 years of being away from the pop scene after the release of her hit album "Egotistic", former pop princess now Queen Bitch of Pop Emma Spears has announced that her 9th studio album "La Bella Rubia" (ENG: The Beautiful Blonde) will be released this fall following a secret announcement of her upcoming lead single. When questioned about the title choice and album inspiration, Spears has stated: "The album is all about going to back to my roots, both metaphorically and physically. I had brown hair for a while after Egotistic, and inspiration just flew into after I realized that being a brunette is for poor, ugg-wearing white people. The album is all about sexual freedom. I admit I'm whore. I like getting fucked. And this album lets me express that while getting both million dollar dick and recording deals.". The album is said to be inspired by the work of Kylie Minogue, Hannah Montana, Joanne "Dead" Germanotta, Thalía, and Lil' Kim. The album is expected to be released at an unexpected age so stay tuned hookers.
  6. Her 2nd singles usually are always better than the lead so we can hope. Teardrops, I Knew You Were Trouble, Back To December, and Blank Space all shit on their respectable leads.
  7. We been knew, but at least she's going to be the one to make it popular again.
  8. I'm shocked no one has mentioned Ashlee Simpson SNL or Heidi Montag Miss Universe yet
  9. When did Selena ever go Dark Pop? Fetish and Bad Liar are experimental for her but I'd hardly say it's dark pop. I do think that Taylor was definitely inspired by Melodrama while making this album, considering the two are close friends.
  10. Production wise, LWYMMD is extremely similar to what was being released during the 2006-2008 music eras, The Veronicas' "Hook Me Up" and 3OH!3's "WANT" in particular. Tropical House/Dance Music has been the craze since mid 2015, and it's about time pop music needs to be pushed in a new direction. Do you think that Taylor alone will be enough to change the sound of radio and pop music?