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  1. Its a smart move that they chose prime day.. bitch is about to leave us all snatched
  2. the demi accounts are teasing us again so u never know kfmvkfvmfkm
  3. its a weird move to release the single on a tuesday so..
  4. Something's gonna happen in 1h.. maybe she's gonna release sns and the mv at 11? or she's gonna give us a snippet and the cover art
  5. an iconic comeback, wig snatched
  6. omg ty guys @fenty ty for the thread sis :*
  7. SNS is coming so its going to die eventually deserved better tho
  8. Hi sluts this is my first post. I stan Demi & Camila and im @xDemisWildfire on twitter. Still waiting for SNS btw