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  1. We miss u here :(. Love Lies topping charts btw :) 

  2. come back :beybawl: 

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      Can one of the fellow admins/ moderators please figure out why did i get a downvote for no reason. Last time i checked this is considered mass downvoting and one user actually got their VIP taken away from them :)  Thanks in advance.:party: 


      @Maren Swift @Blue Sunshine @laracroftonline @nickiminaj


  3. this song just needs radio support. Streams are amazing and itunes and steady and will rise with more radio play
  4. https://play.anghami.com/song/34702694 it's out in the middle east. If anyone wants to RIP it for me por favor
  5. how do you deactivate your account?

    1. Barbie


      Stay sis i love your taste :wendy12:

  6. 7/27 is just not the tea aside from the singles. I don’t understand people who prefer it over ST
  7. This is literally better than anything on her album
  8. Apparently ally’s performance is the best one. Everyone who was at the live taping was shook
  9. raven

    Random Thoughts

    I just realized this song is about ariana finding out her bf is gay hence the 'coming out' sample.... wow her mind
  10. perched for what these multi-platinum recording artists are going to bring
  11. she tried something different and it didnt work which is more than i can say for a lot of the pop girls these days who never take risks
  12. there's been rumours about him circulating for a while now. We'll just have to wait and see