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  1. Why are people basing 'most successful us carrer' of impact alone lol. ot. It's Taylor. More longevity, although not as big a peak.
  2. I almost don't care who wins, I just want women to win some of the big categories and pls don't even let that homeless dude be nominated.
  3. Especially with the tour, this was an incredibly successful era, but it still wasn't as big as 1989. But that just says a lot about both albums and Taylor's standards.
  4. IDK it's kind of confusing, since some years Arcade Fire and Beck wins and other years Adele and Taylor wins soooo... Referring to album of the year.
  5. I think that the rep tour is gonna make them closer to even, but ANTI was still huge.
  6. All dependent on how the country charts receive it. But that chart run seems realistic, maybe a little worse.
  7. Well, everyone lacks something. But Beyonce and Adele are the hardest to drag.
  8. Y'all gotta stop with the Trixie hate. It's not her fault that the jury didn't choose Shangie and it's not her fault that she won over Kennedy. And if you look at track record Trixie is better than Kennedy.
  9. I obvi wanna say Taylor cause she got the hits and the audience. If she just puts on good visuals and good production like Katy, it will make up for her "lack of performance ability" that people talk about. Rihanna got allll the hits, and then she could bring drake and Eminem for a song each and it would be GREAT. Justin B could really easily be the same as Justin T's show, disappointing. Ariana already has a lot of hits and is definitely gonna get more, so I could see her performing in the middle of the next decade maybe.
  10. I feel like reputation will be considered succesful after the tour. (if it somehow isn't succesful yet)
  11. Fun up until he actually started reacting to the song But why do I imagine this is every Taylor hater?
  12. You're saying Taylor and ed deserves hate for being succesful? And that amount of hate as well?
  13. no. She wont have the longevity or the succes that Katy has had