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  1. A channel called criminally listed on YouTube
  2. Wasn’t Rihanna shading her just last year? And I heard that Gaga and Nicki don’t like each other but idk
  3. Last year I watched too many true crime videos I became paranoid that someone was watching/following me. I had to stop watching them for months
  4. which one? I’m A Mess is actually a pop masterpiece
  5. Yeah she’s very entertaining & she makes me feel better about myself
  6. This is from her official merch, they photoshopped her picture to make her skin look darker. Thots?
  7. What can we expect from your new album ‘Am I A Girl’? “It has the influences that I’ve listed, plus there’s a little bit of Kate Bush and French influence. There are some collaborations that I’m very excited about too. I’m doing a song with Grimes and with Diplo as well. The songs are very, very different from each other but very excited. I wish you could hear that right now.” When can we hear it? “It will be released in the Fall.” How did you come to work with Grimes? “She followed me on Twitter, then I sent her a message and said ‘hi, I like you. We should make a song together’. Then we made a couple of songs together actually. She’s really talented.” What kind of energy did she bring to your album? She’s also in a world of her own… “Yeah. It’s really great that she’s one of few female producers that is actively doing it right now. It’s very respectable. She’s really good with synthesisers and we wanted to take the song in more of a heavy direction. She’s great at melodies. I write pop music a lot. It’s her element which is a lot more abstract.” What are the tracks about? “One song is about destroying things, and the other song is about power. That’s all I can say.” What did Diplo bring to the table? “Diplo brought his dance beats. I wanted to work with Diplo for a long time. I know I released my first album with him but for this one he was a big part of it. He’s a very nice guy and hard worker. The song that I have with Diplo is coming out next. It’s very futuristic sounding.” Do you think about gaining a wider audience and reaching as many people as possible? “I would like to reach a lot more people. With the first album you had to know the Poppy story, and you had to be following it for a while for it to make sense to you. With this new album, I worked with Fernando Garibay. He’s very talented and worked on my favourite Lady Gaga record [‘Born This Way’]. I got to work with him and he really understands what I’m trying to do. He’s a genius. If you’re just learning about me for the first time, I think you’ll be able to understand this album.” Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/poppy-interview-grimes-marilyn-manson-new-album-am-i-a-girl-tour-2361241#qjPbm7X4W6339vET.99
  8. Kesha has 4 Gaga has 3 And Bebe has a #2 hit
  9. Rainbow’s US sales 600-700k+ (SPS) Unbreakable WW sales 400k+ (SPS)
  10. Keep saying it and maybe you will convince hope Rainbow US sales alone are more than Unbreakable’s WW sales