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  1. Someone better records everything tonight at the premiere
  2. More dates dont mean a thing if it aint sold out sis I guess in the end she will say its sold out and a huge succes even if she has to give away half of the tickets for free and add the parking lot tickets to increase her tourgross
  3. Well I dont think you can really payola concert tickets so you are right on that one Katy is known for buying yt views and everyone knows it, it isnt bad, everyone does it, and her views will make her remembered I guess but just dont come with that kind of 'receipt'
  4. Taylor swift imo Everyone was like SNAKEE OMG I AM SO NOT STANNING AGAIN SSSSSSSSS CANT BELIEVE SHE TRICKED ME ALL THESE YEARS And now suddenly everyone is bzck to loving her and calling her the queen of pop
  5. Talent always wins tho MR, the #4 platinum in sales soon to be 2X platinum SPS superbowl performed single, remains unbothered
  6. Slay at her payola Also if GP is interested, how is her tour doing?
  7. Belgium just cant win can it 4th on eurovision 2017 with Blanche, 4th on eurovision 2015 with Loic nottet and now 4th in this Also I can speak from experience that there may be equal rights, but if people are homophobic, its much worse
  8. Judging by the title I thought I was gonna get called out by the admin
  9. I was looking for a gif with gaga having a ponytail but lordT I didnt expect this
  10. Wasnt there someone saying a part of this is actually a part of a song? Idk tho, maybe it was some twitter insider