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  1. Can your fave sing in more than one language???

    If you consider her iconic vine a different language, then yes
  2. Hey there!

    Excited to see you around
  3. Is this the most iconic thing a pop girl ever said?

    I'm starting to 2nd guess that not all these quotes weren't said
  4. Is Reputation Taylor's worst album?

    I've only listened to 1989 and Reputation sooo I can't really have an opinion The single choices have been awful I will say that.
  5. Bland pop girls

    I agree with @LANDlover, pop girls aren't what they used to be. Dua, Rita, Bebe, Zara, Selena, Camila etc. all make great music, serve a cute look etc. But there just not of the same caliber as Rihanna, Katy, Gaga, Nicki, Miley etc. but there's hope for change
  6. Janele Monaé | Make Me Feel | Music Video out NOW!

    Oh wow the video was amazing, great aesthetics I can tell Mattman and Robin produced this, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter wrote it too Legends
  7. Rita Ora - Your Song/Anywhere/For You @ Brits 2018

    Ugh I can't watch Liam at all he makes me cringe so bad As for Rita, the performance was pretty boring, but maybe that's because I don't like the songs idk
  8. Lorde cuddles up with Jack Antonoff

    There adorable hes so cute
  9. I'm really in bed crying to Miss You More at 11PM...the plane crash sound really triggers me :trisha12:

  10. Best Male Artist.

    I'm here to remind y'all Justin Timberlake exists Adam Lambert, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith and The Weeknd are all amazing in there own way too
  11. Unreleased Songs by Julia Michaels

    I just found a ballad by her called "Never Your Girl", it's pretty good Oh wow how did you get this list?
  12. Azealia declines Wendy Williams interview

    It's not like Wendy is missing out on much anyways she keeps them guests BOOKED
  13. Why is this song better than your faves?

    Katy and Sia have the best ballads tho xoxo
  14. Is Ariana's music diverse?

    Her music isn't diverse, yes, she has tried out different sounds throughout her albums but it's all different pops, that's not being diverse. Just because she does pop-r&b and pop-trap electro-pop etc. doesn't mean she's diverse. Diversity is genre pretty much, look at Gaga for example, the BEST example.
  15. Watching Pitch Perfect 3 with my bestie while having dinner UGH fuck relationships xoxo