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  1. Haven't fully listened to Caution but I'm gonna say Caution because Shitener has an atrocious amount of filler
  2. Sis as much as I hate those lyrics too you picked like there worst song so it's not really fair
  3. I had my doubts on the first listen, but I've listened to the album several times now and here are my fave tracks Wasabi Monster In Me Think About Us More Than Words The Cure Told You So The MNEK produced tracks are so good, he really knows what the fuck he's doing when he works with them, there mid-tempo/ballads are always so good, Timbaland and Kamille snapped on More Than Words too
  4. Say hello to the COP Survivor season 4 runner up :gemma:

    1. Heartsigh


      Season 1 runner up says haii :rihkiss:

  5. Whatever is right or wrong y'all should have the same energy with males too, that's all I'm gonna say
  6. Idk tbh, it went #1 in several European countries including Finland and it's rising in the UK so maybe the video isn't getting watched but the song is getting listened to
  7. Happy birthday good sis @laracroftonline, treat yourself today
  8. Nice to see people listen to TNC cuz I thought I was the only one Walk the Line vs I'm the Best - WTL is just so inspirational, she really went from being dirt poor to THAT bitch Don't Need Y'all vs Roman's Revenge 100 vs Did it on 'em Change your Life vs Right Thru Me Fancy vs Fly New Bitch vs Save Me Work vs Moment 4 Life Impossible is Nothing vs Check it Out Goddess vs Blazin' Black Widow vs Here I Am Lady Patra vs Dear Old Nicki Fuck Love vs Your Love Bounce vs Last Chance Rolex vs Super Bass - I love Rolex cuz it's very dark and nostalgic but Super Bass is iconic so Just Askin vs Blow Ya Mind Beg For It vs Muny TNC - 11 PF - 4
  9. I also just wanna say thanks to @Heartsigh and @Queen of Venus for voting I love y'all And also to @Oh My Gaga for hosting and spending so much time on this game, you deserve more recognition tbh, thank you mama
  10. So I was voted against 12 times, that makes me the most voted member out right?
  11. Condragulations my good sis and alliance @Old Ways You really had such a iconic strategy, I'll be sure to take notes Enjoy that hall of fame with @The Boy and @kipperskipper, you so deserve it
  12. Whichever way this swings I just want y'all to know that you equally deserve it