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  1. I used to be strong without somebody there, but now I love my friends too much to be alone for too long
  2. I'm happy for her but it means nothing to me cuz its not a good song IMO, lets see if itll achieve longevity
  3. Gonna be on a lot less than I thought due to limited WiFi, sorry COP :(

    1. Dirkje


      Its okay, we love you anyways!

    2. aahfeekiee



  4. Well if anyone's interested add me on sc joakin.clary to see my holiday, I always post funny shit there cuz I like to confuse my local friends with my queerness tooΒ :cm:

    1. aahfeekiee


      If I wasn't so archaic and actually still used Snapchat today I would totally follow you my love. Keep us posted on your holiday uwu

  5. People can stay mad but Indie spilled the tea, Iggy has one of the best videographies out of the popgirlies, she's literally on Gaga and Katy's level when it comes to music videos So she probably deserves it further down the line, an older artist deserves it, for god sake someone give it to Missy
  6. Iggy just keeps on winning, I'm so happy for her, THIS is what she deserves Missy is so amazing for this, a female rapper who supports EVERYONE, not a bitter bone in her body, she needs to release an album tho
  7. Well I'm here for Miley coming back quick to redeem herself after the travesty that is Younger Now
  8. Nicki is pretty tone deaf at this point, who's next Awaiting @Softer Than A Homosexual's riveting response
  9. I mean my dad is hesitant showing of my sexuality and it frustrates me a lot, so yeah I guess I do Stream Daddy Issues by Demi Lovato on Spotify!
  10. Well I agree, and I definitely don't join in or endorse what the other stans do to Nicki on COP because it only enables hate to others like Iggy, and I don't want that, what you give is what you get and I understand that principal very well
  11. This is like his 4th single released, he needs to drop the fucking album because the GP is waiting and they won't be any longer...and it's starting to show through this
  12. I heard God Is A Woman 3 times on the radio at work yesterday...can you come up with something else?Β :selena:

  13. Well I don't my fair share of checking Indie into place when he's wrong, although I don't think he's wrong all the time either each to there own!
  14. I swear there's a thread like that every week tho, can you come up with something else? Can you come up with something else?
  15. One day until my holiday and I've still got the blues...I hate this wtfΒ