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  1. Good luck booking that revamp you speak of fem king :gemma:

  2. The word embarrassing comes to mind :jan1:

  3. Ive had California Gurls and Teenage Dream stuck in my head this whole holiday...its been great :jan1:

  4. Well I'm glad they had fun but weeeewwww the vocals they can do so much better...at least Miley lmao
  5. I thought this was going to happen...cant blame you though I mean no ones wants to pay for a ghosttown...lets see where this goes, itll be nice to see COP still stick around and hopefully be active again.
  6. Well I'm off to Portugal tomorrow girlies so I won't be online much, keep the forum active :gemma: luv you all xo 

    1. Sempiternal


      Enjoy your trip xx have fun 

  7. The beat is cute but I'm gonna hate the fuck out of this when the radio overplays it, they eat Jess Glynne up like shit, I'm not ready
  8. I've seen worse comparisons tbh, there's still some good songs in the top 10, but wow 2009...I cannot believe
  9. I'm not here for the Beyhive spewing there hate at all, they don't know shit about the era that Dionne came from, that being said neither do I so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, just like the Beyhive should
  10. I had a friend who wouldn't stop singing this song and it made me so depressed, the songs a cheese fest sorry
  11. Yikes that's bad, I saw a lot of kids getting punished for things they didn't even do and it angers me, I don't know why teachers don't believe students...they really don't let us breathe Were you a naughty boy?
  12. A whole damn BOP from yes, a current male artist stop sleeping on 5GOD's and stream Youngblood, the album was amazing for the most part
  13. It is so funny to me...take my edges, take it all from me, all of it, but wow...