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  1. I voted yes before i saw the thread omg...I hate Elijah
  2. Once when I was like 11 or 12 my friends dad wished me a happy birthday and I said "thanks, you too" I wanted to die. A nightmare, literally a nightmare
  3. You know wha- yeah have a good day sis I don't want to bite my own tail hei hei
  4. How dare y'all let Power go like that Witness- 128 Roulette- 74 Swish Swish- 63
  5. I was 13 and used the N word...I'm not even gonna bother defending myself because it doesn't matter That's a lot coming from a transphobe, but anyways good luck on getting legend sis, I'm rooting for you!
  6. But you had no problem siding with B*stF*ct*on calling me a racist modney and downvoting me, but if you weren't intending to give me a rating then I'm all for that! I just know how petty y'all can be sometimes
  7. I thought it was a fair assumption, given the lengths people go to try and drag me down
  8. 50 and im being generous can't wait to get a 0 back from you sis
  9. My new job interview is on Thursday, shitting it girlies, I just want the job so I don't have to do this time after time :trishabawl:

  10. We're gonna have a good day today, I've planted the seed and shall see it harvest!!! :nickiscream:

    1. Craig


      And where did you plant this seed? :oprah7:

    2. AmazingAzalean


      In someones fucking tight arsehole!!! 2fjj8dV.gif

    3. Craig


      We stan


  11. I can see why some people think he had an ego but he explained that he didn't compromise who he was for the role, I guess it got lost in translation
  12. I think you pretty much mentioned everything. Which is difficult to get, not everyone has that
  13. It's just the curious factor that comes with big stories like this, I wouldn't worry at all tbh
  14. Why in Norway though, this should be a bigger story, this ain't okay