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  1. I made a notepad for 3 thread ideas so when I get a day off tomorrow I'll post them :gemma: come on intellectual activity!

    1. Craig


      Some users should take some notes :gemma:

    2. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Some users should stop pretending they aren't heavily involved in every battleground thread doing the rounds. The lack of self awareness. 

    3. Craig


      Do you have a mirror? @King or Queen

  2. Would love if some members actually made some threads of substance instead of the tired Mariah, Normani etc. threads every day, if I wanted to go to the circus I'd go to ATRL...do better man :rip:

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    2. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      @Smollett4Prison is always heavily involved in the normani threads. Why aren't you calling him out on it? Seems you are being a bit unfair on @Elusive Loverboy

    3. AmazingAzalean


      You know what I'll be honest, I dont know if Indie is commented in them or not cuz I dont look in the thread. I just looked at who created the threads and that was you 2. He knows I condemn him doing it. But does he give a fuck? Do anyone of you? No...I just want the COP community to know as a staff member I'm not as ignorant as some people who are. 

    4. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      Lighten up. You’re so uptight omg. Do you hate fun and color or something?

  3. Completely lost track of time so I didn't get to browse COP as much as I wanted to today :trishabawl: better be some good threads when I'm back from werk :jan1:

  4. Okay my bad I don't mean overrated, I mean over saturated if that makes sense? Ariana is DEFINITELY the overrated one I agree, I'm just tryna say theres a lot of hype over Gaga for her doing the bare minimum, so I'm saying save that energy for a release not a avatar change lmao
  5. Y'all gotta stop hyping her up when she literally just breathes...cuz the second she releases something then your not happy with it, let her take her time, I'm getting sick of Little Monsters on Twitter always talking about her, she's too overrated rn so just calm down and wait for her to make a comeback, then you'll have something to rave about
  6. She's made a new peak for herself on iTunes, and gathered THIS much reception and views as a INDEPENDENT artist Now whether or not it charts on the Dildoboard this is an achievement, further proves you DON'T need a label as such nowadays...this is truly something else for someone who was pretty much dead in the water as far as mainstream success goes
  7. Most successful male debut single? Not sure about that. I would've said Like I Love You by JT but that didn't do as well as Cry Me A River, Sexyback etc. which we're bigger hits than Pillowtalk but weren't debut singles.
  8. In London now and I forgot that my anxiety flares up pretty bad when theres so many people around, cant wait to get home and sleep the nerves off after 

  9. I'm seeing Andrew Garfield tomorrow :trishabawl: im so nervous omg I am not ready!!!

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    2. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Have you seen Under the Silver Lake yet ? 

    3. AmazingAzalean


      LMAO @Elusive Loverboy that's exactly what @neonnights keeps saying :kelly:

      @King or Queen I have! This'll be my second time!

    4. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      I thought it was a great movie! 

  10. She looks gorgeous like always, love how she stuck with the 365 look.